May. 4th, 2012

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[ Today Ange's device seems to have been hijacked, considering this feed is definitely coming from her frequency, yet she doesn't seem to be present at all on screen. Instead there's a black cat lying there - some people who know Ange might recognize it to be Ange's cat Bern-chan. So the current view looks more or less like this:

cut for image! )

The words aren't actually there, but the message seems to be radiating even through the communicators. Enough for someone to find it either extremely endearing or uncomfortable judging on the person..

Or maybe the cat made its way into your apartment in Discedo somehow rather than just being seen as a broadcast - Bern-chan has learned how to avoid most of the monsters after all this time. So enjoy that random cat lying on your bed/chair/table like that. ]
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[Cube's voice sounds very level when the feed starts.]

I'm sorry.

I hope everyone from the voyage is alright now.

[Awkward silence.]

I suppose I should return to Cafe Alpha to see what may need to be addressed.

If there is anyone willing to assist me in moving furniture about Discedo, I'd appreciate the help.

Thank you.

Private to Flandre | 75% Locked )

(ooc: Cube has been revived. Feel free to run into him in the hospital, cafe, or anywhere in-between.)
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[ The following broadcast is presented over an anonymous feed by the Differo Report. Much like television, the broadcasters cannot hear comments made to the post; however characters are welcome to comment and respond. Today's segment will be hosted by [personal profile] bauhinia, [personal profile] dewebbed and [personal profile] fierybluebird. ]


May. 4th, 2012 10:14 pm
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Good evening.

A 'little bird' told me of a plan to place some newly found artifacts in the Discedo museum. That would be an admirable course of action... It appears some of you do care about history. Which is very wise.

After all, history tends to repeat itself.
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