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[all you can hear is the sound of someone distinctly falling down a short flight of stairs. England's okay, but... He only has one thing to say:]

What the devil's going on now?!

[ooc: he can speak french, russian, german and japanese though. chinese is kinda rusty. won't admit to speaking spanish but he WILL speak Portugese.]
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[The broadcast is short, concise, and very, very demanding.]

I need tea, if you please, and as soon as possible. Perhaps a place of, er, employment as well!

Idle hands are of no good to anyone.

[A pause. His green eyes flash with a stern look into the camera.]

[And with that the feed cuts off.]
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[A pair of shrewd green eyes shows up blinking on the screen. The camera pulls back; England is lowering the device examining it--and apparently isn't aware it's recording yet because he's caught mid-sentence:]--the damn thing anyway. "Use this"... Can't even cast a spell, no need to be cheeky.

Of all the ways to pull a prank, this one's got to be the most moronic. [He knits his brows in concern as his footsteps crunch over the ground. He's searching, looking for anything familiar. A prank was one thing, having his magic become null was another. But, strangest of all was the empty sensation at the back of his mind.

England chews the side of his mouth in thought.]
That's odd... [He stops abruptly, head snapping up. He fixates on a building, the camera angle low, peering up so it leaves his head and shoulders in clear view. A prank was his first thought and he'll hold onto that until he knows better, but... God, he'd prefer this landscape over the emptiness that's crawling over his mind and he'll be damned if he stands there and simply accepts it for what it is.

He shakes his head.]
H-hah, nothing--nothing to worry about I'm sure, I--

[And then he notices the communicator's screen properly and he leans in.]

Is-- Was this thing recording?! How long-- Agh! There's nothing to see here--! If anybody can see or hear this broadcast, and I feel such a fool for thinking anything of it, I demand an explanation for this nonsense at once!

[And with that, he shuts off the device.]

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