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( The feed opens up to an empty bed room. However if whoever is watching is to stay a few more seconds, they can hear two different voices yelling at each other. )

This part isn't that important. )( Not that anyone can see but Stocking changes quickly and appears in the feed. She sits down on the bed she and China share. She is followed by China and they both stare at the screen, both grabbing each other's hands. China begins to speak with a big blush on his face. )

Nihao...We both have a very important announcement that we would like everyone to hear, aru.

( Stocking faces China softly and stares at him lovingly. )

Well you see the thing is I really love Yao...a lot, and he loves me.

Y-Yes that is right. Also whether or not you noticed, Stocking has a ring on her finger. A wedding ring...I gave her that ring.

And I'm going to marry Yao, the one who gave me the ring.

( China's expression suddenly becomes confident. )


So I, Wang Yao, and my fiancee, Anarchy Stocking, would like to invite family, friends, everyone to our engagement party and wedding.

So that's it. If anyone decides to fuck this up, I will murder you.

[OOC: That's right, they are getting married for those of you who didn't know. Also red is China and blue is Stocking. Feel free to have your character freak out or scream in joy. ]
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[Hungary comes on screen seeming to be quickly reading updates on her communicator. At first she looks nervous, but then relaxes.]

Oh, okay, just a sudden massive influx of new people. This place has done worse.

Hi, everyone. My name's Hungary and this place is pretty much hell, but you learn to make the best of it. If you end up staying long, anyway.
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[There is a rather haggard-looking Hungary on the screen right now. She is also a rather pissed Hungary.]


the hell

was that weather?!

[And now she doubles over onto her kitchen table, out of breath and exhausted. It seems she's gotten caught in more than one of the weird storms this week. It's not fun to be out looking for food and then suddenly caught in a blizzard. Or snowstorm. Or hailstorm. Or whatever else. And then have to rush home as fast as possible.]
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[There's sounds of China playing his bamboo flute. No specific song, just a couple of notes. However, some of the notes begin to fail. There's a tremble in them until they come out as nothing more than a raspy sound. Unseen by others, China takes his flute away from his lips.]

I never got to tell her what I wanted I say.

[If anyone wants to run into him, he's sitting on a tree branch within Discedo's Horizon Park.]
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Oh my. It's been a while since I've felt like this for someone, but I think I'm in love~

Greece, will you be mine? ♥ ♥ ♥

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((BACKDATED TO THE THIRD Because Mary had internet problems and we really wanted to do this LOL.))
Okay, are you ready? Wait, lemme get your hair fixed up again. ((There's a shuffle; now, if drunken people could be identified by the little sounds they made, THEREEEEE'S definitely no sober person in this post. Giggles and singing.)) There. Totally Cute. You think? --Okay, let's do this.

((Hungary backs away from the camera, and this is WHAT'S IN STYLE. And here... they are to preform it for you!!!))
Uhh.. OH! To protect the world from devastation

((nudges the sleeping Greek.))--!!!!To unite all peoples within...... our nation!! Y'know like citizens.
To denounce the evils!!! Of truth! And love? Wait, what? Love isn't evil. Yea, I thought that was weird to... ((they squint thoughtfully.)) Maybe they mean indulgence... I guess that makes sense......((More squinting........ WHATEVER!))
To extend our reach to the stars above. ((yes they just threw glitter.))
Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!
Surrender now or prepare to fight!!!!!




Hungary and Greece are looking up with so much enthusiasm, but after about five seconds of this, they both droop.))
Meowwow, uuhhh.....

((ooc; Green is Hungary and blue is Greece. Joint post, weeee.))

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