Feb. 7th, 2012

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[Homura sounds a little shaken up, which, given what's apparently been going on, might have something to do with all those memories people seem to be viewing.]

I, um... Is anyone else seeing things...? I-I mean, it's not real, right?

(ooc: so memories!! if you want to view any of Homura's feel free to hit me up about that, yes... )
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[Monday and Tuesday/ 6th-7th]:


[Sometime after this, a small voice speaks over the comm, sounding weak.]

Eric?..... Auntie?.... Where are you? Eric, can you come and pick me up?

[Yep, she is completely ignoring the fact that she sneaked out to get her chip removal done.]

Don't feel so good.....



[Discedo, you now have a 6'1" woman roaming the streets wearing just a long shirt roaming about in your streets. She is looking rather lost, very sick and confused as well as sticking close to the shadows.]


[Voice, Action, Whathaveyou!]

[Welp! Now instead of a woman there is the sight of an angelic looking boy roaming around that just looks mainly sick. Approach him if you dare people of Discedo, main while he is just gonna speak into his comm.]

Where the hell am I?! Take me back home! I need to go back home! Neuro.... I will find you, Ne- [And here is the sound of someone upchucking before the feed stops.]

[ooc; This is Sai's chip event post which will also double as their game event post! To be a part of Sai's chip event characters will have to interact face to face. Please fill this out if you are gonna be interacting with Sai. Also, threads might get either a wild Eric or a wild Grell jumping in! COME AT ME BROS!]
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Memory )
[Here's Yuffie sitting on a high ledge of a building in Discedo and...still wearing shorts. Yeah, it totally feels like summer time out here.]

I don't even know any of these people. Well, with the exception of Square. [Yuffie its pronounced CUBE.]

Thought I really was suffering from a concussion when I hit my head. Seems to be pretty common with a lot of people from what I see.  Gotta say..some of the stuff I've seen is pretty MESSSED UP. You know who you are.

Some of you got some real issues you know that? But hey, I've seen worse. I'm not one to judge. Some of these are pretty hilarious and nice. It's like television playing in your head. Just without the remote. I guess this is better than fighting more of those mummies. The burning dead don't make for good BBQ. In fact they smell, pretty bad. I don't think any amount of sauce can fix that either.

Oh, another thing. I hear Cube gives good massages.  You might want to get in on some of that. Though I already called first dibs.

[[ooc: If you like a different memory for Yuffie just say so. I just put that one up there just because. Can write out more directly to you too!]]

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 Great.  Random memories.  Just what we needed.

No one used the W word recently, right?  I mean, you never know who might be listening.
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((BACKDATED TO THE THIRD Because Mary had internet problems and we really wanted to do this LOL.))
Okay, are you ready? Wait, lemme get your hair fixed up again. ((There's a shuffle; now, if drunken people could be identified by the little sounds they made, THEREEEEE'S definitely no sober person in this post. Giggles and singing.)) There. Totally Cute. You think? --Okay, let's do this.

((Hungary backs away from the camera, and this is WHAT'S IN STYLE. And here... they are to preform it for you!!!))
Uhh.. OH! To protect the world from devastation

((nudges the sleeping Greek.))--!!!!To unite all peoples within...... our nation!! Y'know like citizens.
To denounce the evils!!! Of truth! And love? Wait, what? Love isn't evil. Yea, I thought that was weird to... ((they squint thoughtfully.)) Maybe they mean indulgence... I guess that makes sense......((More squinting........ WHATEVER!))
To extend our reach to the stars above. ((yes they just threw glitter.))
Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!
Surrender now or prepare to fight!!!!!




Hungary and Greece are looking up with so much enthusiasm, but after about five seconds of this, they both droop.))
Meowwow, uuhhh.....

((ooc; Green is Hungary and blue is Greece. Joint post, weeee.))
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