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[Damian sounds dreadfully, dreadfully bored over the communicator as he delivers the following message:]     I'm still waiting for something interesting to happen, Fortuna.

[Oh Damian, haven't you ever heard of the saying, 'be careful what you wish for'?]
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[Damian is sitting on the edge of a rooftop, staring at something off in the distance instead of the device in his hands. He's small and obviously quite young, even to the casual observer, and he's dressed in something dark and nondescript; his Robin's plumage of red, yellow and green is nowhere to be seen.]

[He looks like a faintly wary ten year old boy and nothing more. Ordinary. Harmless.]

So I guess this place is a bit like when Gotham became No Man's Land... except I don't know if even Wayne Enterprises could fix this mess. [He tilts his head, considering.] Especially not now.

[Eventually he looks down at the communicator, expression still thoughtful.]

Has anyone seen my big brother? I seem to have lost him. His name is Dick Grayson - ah, Richard - and he has dark hair and blue eyes like me. He likes bad puns, hugging, and telling people that he used to be an acrobat. [From the tone of his voice, it's fairly clear that Damian disapproves of all of these points.]

[Damian looks away again and plays with the communicator controls until the feed switches to voice only before adding, almost as an afterthought.]

... any information that anyone might have on the Batman would also be useful.

[And then he ends the transmission entirely.]

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