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I don't know what the fiddle sticks just happened.

Not sure if I was being delusional because I've had a cold for weeks.

But I opened the door and I was home.......

I quite frankly wasn't sure if I wanted to be back to the place that reticulated, I, Mr. Denzel Crocker all of those years. [Denzel appears to be eyeing beyond the camera at this point]

I figured I could at least see her.... I've often wondered how time has passed. If she has noticed I was gone....

Then I don't remember a - THING! Expect for waking up here in the hospital and having a strange abundance of memories. Yet according to what Washu said makes perfect sense!

I KNOW! I KNOW! [Laughs maniacally]

[There's a short pause]

Gellert? Washu? China? Macau? Are you all still here?

(Belated post to the last plot. Basically he found a doorway home, died and woke back up in the hospital and now has his canon memories that where originally blocked)


Sep. 6th, 2012 07:17 pm
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[The room is colored of red and purple, on the walls are filled with blueprints. There are scientific models decorating the room, as well as plushies and random crab images on the walls.

You can see a close of Denzel, laying on his stomach it would appear and stuffing his nose into a purple pillow, if you listen, you can hear the loud whiffing he's making into the pillow. Pausing, Denzel raises his head enough to see his entire face and slowly licks his overbite and crook teeth with his tongue.]

Edit[Open Action] [Anyone passing around in Discedo may have a man fall on them..]

(Have a sex addict >.> Action open for Washu)
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[The chip removal operation had gone well enough and, afterwards, Washu had opened a doorway to allow Eric and Crocker to take Gellert directly back to his house in Dissimulo. Gellert was only half conscious for all of this.]

[Once home all is quiet for a time until Gellert begins waking up more and abruptly his powers exlode - after being contained for so long.]

[It starts out as a glow around him and this switches on his device, activating the video. Then sparks, as if somebody is trying to start a fire, appear around his body. He's shaking as then suddenly the sparks turn into bolts of light, striking at various places and leaving burn marks, although nothing catches on fire. There's another bright flash and the video stops.]

[Action open for Eric, Crocker, Washu and anyone in the vicinity of house #1118 in Dissimulo who may notice the disturbances. This will go on all week. Gellert will reply to any other comments during times his body is not reacting badly to the chip removal.]
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[There's a man, whom looks a lot like Denzel in Earth Pilgrim clothes. Lying flat on his stomach before getting to his knees]

Thou shallth pay for that, Dale Dim! [His hands and eyes turn this glowing green color before a pause and the green fades away]

Thouest, where am I? What strange houses... [Picking up the device] What be'th this?


[For of you in Discedo, you'll see a man flying around on a broom stick. Oh, that sweet and adorable kid from before is gone.]

(Still backdating anything with bitty! Denzel)
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[The video shows a child, in bell bottoms, a rather funky hair style and a striped orange and white shirt, coughing. Anyone who lives with Denzel might have noticed that he is missing... The child appears rather perplexed on where exactly he is...]

Like where am I, you know? [He eyes around] Like what happened to all the color, man? Someone ought to fix that - Cosmo! Wanda!... Guys? [He looks like he's about to cry but keeps himself from not as he shakes his head]

Just like, try to find out the skinney. There has to be someone around here, you know. I'm going to stay postivie, man.

[Action for Discedo]

[You'll find a small boy, around ten years old, walking around. Possibly, you'll bump into to him or you hear him screaming as he runs from a monster or maybe even he's looking at pairs of things (salt and pepper shaker, etc) in a rather odd manner. Maybe even off in a corner crying.]
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Anyone else getting letters from people they know back home?
Gellert, my apologies for disappearing like that.

[Action: For Washu and Ryoko]

[Someone is in the bathroom shower, if either of them are looking for Denzel in his room. He's no where to be found.]

[Action: Around Discedo]

[Finally, feeling better and having a white shirt again. Crocker is stretching his legs around Discedo and looking for coffee]


Jun. 11th, 2012 09:25 pm
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[China's all smiles as he gives a wave.]

Nihao! It has come to my attention that this year, or rather, in the year of 2012, the date for the Dragon Boat Festival is June twenty-third.

Activities for the Dragon Boat Festival include eating zongzi, drinking realgar wine, and racing dragon boats. There is also a game where one tries to make an egg stand at exactly noon, and if you succeed you will have luck for the next year.

I would like to bring this traditional Chinese holiday to Fortuna, especially the boat races if it is safe to go rowing on the lake, aru. Then of course I will prepare plenty of zongzi for others to eat.


Jun. 1st, 2012 06:24 pm
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Well, this is inconvenient. I would suggest that if you haven't gone outside yet, don't. Just trust me, this isn't fun. Or at the very least wear something over your nose and mouth.

[She accidentally knocks the video on with her bad arm just as she's raising her right hand to discharge pent up energy right into a generator. The device sparks a little but seems to be able to handle the sudden discharge and continues to hum. Once the blast ends, she lowers her arm and tilts her head a little as if listening to something.

No, Washu was far from happy. This was simply too annoying for words! And guess what, she's taking it out on equipment in her own special way.]

[So Washu is suffering from blindness, a nasty case of too much energy and paralysis of her left arm. ^^; And she's not happy about it.]

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[Denzel is at his table in his bedroom as his bed can been seen in the background as well as a green bird perching there. However, in red marker on the wall there seems to be all kinds of writing. Complex quantum physics on how tons of wormholes are being wrapped. As well as questions;

What caused the writing on the walls in Spero?
Where do the scientists live? Space? Underground?
How similar is their technology to my own?
Why was David sent back? Do we have all a purpose to fulfill?
Something is strange about the telescope in the Spero’s observatory…
Why are there orcas’s in fresh water?
Magical mirrors?
Dissulmo = sparkle party
Spero = green monster
Discedo = mummy

Fairies R Real.

With lines as well like he's counting the time.
Denzel himself can be seen in front of the camera with a stack of books off to the side has another book open that appears like a book bomb, that Crocker seems to be engulfed in. The man is mumbling to himself]

What is their angle?

[Continues to poke at the book bomb that is defused with pillars and screwdrivers. Along with crackers and carrots, scattered about]
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[Denzel is leaning on the balcony rail of the penthouse]

Look at all of them and this desecrated world. I always thought if the world ended up like this would be because I, Mr. Denzel Crocker! Ruled it. Not being at the bottom just trying to squander like some animal... It's besides the point humans are apes!

And I'm not even allowed out!

[Hitting his hand in anger] OW!... There sure is a strange abundance of people. What the heck is with that?

Isn't it bad enough that those scientists pulled us from our own worlds and play mockey with us? [Eyes the green parrot on his shoulder for a moment]

...Oh, well. It's not like I actually miss home, not outside of the - FAIRY GODPARENTS! [Spazzing in place. The parrots flys up for a moment] At least.

Edit: [Action] [Denzel can be found on the streets of Discedo with his tracker and butterfly net]
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[The video starts in focusing on Denzel, he appears to be lying on the floor, his blue wides open and somewhat flu like looking. For those who know him, his glasses are missing. His nose is running and Crocker hacks for a moment a nasty cough and comments weakly]

...So, this is how it ends.... I wonder if anyone will come looking for me.

[There's a few sad 'Dood' sounds around him]
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[Well, this is an interesting sight. China's smoking opium from his pipe, but at the same time there's smoke coming out his nostrils every now and then. Why? Because... Well, he's got golden scales instead of skin, his pupils have become slits like those of a reptile, his fingernails have turned into claws, and... Is that a scaly tail behind him? He rubs at his temples.]

Aiyaa... What on earth happened this past week? I can't remember.

[His pipe falls from his mouth as he prepares for a sneeze and when he does sneeze a fireball shoots from his mouth, going out the open window and hitting a random Prinny, causing a huge explosion outside. China seems unfazed, though, as he puts his pipe back into his mouth.]

I wonder how my dragon horse is doing. I have not been able to visit her this past week, aru.
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[Coming from China's comm today is a series of random notes from his bamboo flute. Doesn't sound like the usual expertise he displays. What about the whole "changing color phenomenon"? Well, he's already had his freak out, so now he's feeling slightly better. Then... you may or may not hear the sound of him taking in a big breath before--]


[The flute makes a very high pitch cry as China blows all his air into the instrument. Then, again, comes the--]


[He keeps doing it. Taking a deep breath. Blowing with all his might into the instrument. Hopefully no one becomes deaf because of him.]

[OOC: As a result from getting his chip removed, China's become a child again, a child who can't speak or understand any language besides his own. All tags will be answered with [personal profile] not4000yet. (Forgot, can't comment with that account since it isn't part of the discedo community.) This is only the first phase of the chip after effects. Feel free to yell at him, or whatever you like!]
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[Denzel is staring out the window. The pitter patter of the rain can be heard. The green parrot on his shoulder, the bird ruffles for a moment.]

I wonder if I'll have another year here....

(It's his birthday! Also action spam open to Washu)
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[There's sounds of China playing his bamboo flute. No specific song, just a couple of notes. However, some of the notes begin to fail. There's a tremble in them until they come out as nothing more than a raspy sound. Unseen by others, China takes his flute away from his lips.]

I never got to tell her what I wanted I say.

[If anyone wants to run into him, he's sitting on a tree branch within Discedo's Horizon Park.]
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[The gear turns on and shows the forest area of Discedo. There's a woman of great beauty walking around. The comm catches her whole form, which could only mean the comm was perched in the knothole of a tree. She has long white hair, golden eyes, and red markings (which might seem familiar to some). She's dressed in a white kimono with the rising sun and its rays on it. She's just enjoying a stroll, but notice how flowers suddenly grow wherever she steps and then disappear when she lifts any of her two feet off the ground.

Without saying anything to the comm, she begins to sing. It's obvious she doesn't know that the comm's on. When she's finished, she takes a seat on one of the stumps and stares up at the sky with curious eyes.
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[The view seems to be coming from the floor] Doctor Hayward. Doctor Hayward! DAVID!

[Silence, long silence. Until you hear 'Dood' one of the Pinnies seems to be holding a piece of paper]

He's gone. HE'S GONE! [There's some crying one of the Pinnies pats Denzel] Oh, don't you pat me. You're all going to go too. All of you! [Pointing to the Pinnies who simply go 'Dood']

[There's some slight crazy chuckling] He's gone. [Chuckle chuckle] He's gone! [Crazy insane laughing] We're the only one's left in Spero.


Feb. 6th, 2012 08:10 pm
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Never let me have alcohol again.

(Open for sharing memories :3 and as always action spam for David :D)
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Read more... )


Returning back. Unless, you've already kicked me out.

- Crocker

PS, I hope you like birds.
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 [It's been a couple of rough days and Adam's glad to be back to his youthful self. He had just learned that Conan's frequency had gone off the network and would assume that he went home. Sadly, he didn't think so: if Heiji and Japan had arrived back within a week and that woman who owned the motorcycle he borrowed (Thanks for that Kresnik: remind him to give you a good kick for that.), then he's not going to say anything until after the time is up.

But he will bring up that broadcast from late last night. So the feed turns on to a serious looking ranger.]

So if you didn't notice that broadcast for other than the bull about the 'hot steamy romance', something else was getting our attention: my kid and her boyfriend decided to get a little too crazy with machinery and somehow summoned a zoo. While I personally don't have a pet, some of you might and I doubt you want them cramped up in that room.

If anyone wants to go to this place Kain wants us to look at, let me know when you want to go and I'll take you there. It'll be better to have someone who's on the Watch to keep an eye on things while traveling there. If a group wants to go, then I'll make a list of who wants in on this little road trip.

((OOC: Sign up thread is here.))
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