Feb. 6th, 2012

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a familiar scene )

[It's the middle of the night, and Ran hasn't slept very well after that. In fact, it...doesn't feel like she's slept at all, and she can only replay the memories in her mind, like a broken record; wondering what it all means, and what brought this on.

It has something to do with Shinichi, that much is obvious.

It has something to do with Conan. And though she doesn't know a hundred percent whether these memories are his, she knows they only appeared after she spoke with him this evening. She hadn't spoken to anyone else the entire day, after all. Not even over the communicators. Not even while she was on patrol, although once the sun rises, she sits up in her bed and reaches over for her communicator to change that.

She clicks it on voice, not wanting anyone to see how awful she looks, and decides to phrase the question in such a way as to not alarm anyone.

...S-So! Um, did anyone else have a really strange dream last night?

[Laughing a little to make light of it. It's too real to be a dream, though. She knows, not to mention she hadn't really slept, so it could not have been one. But there'll probably more chance for a response if she words it like this, maybe. Hopefully. Experiencing someone else's memory is...is just too weird. Even for here.

Isn't it...?

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[The yell is accompanied by an all too familiar BZZZZZT of the communicator as the device drops to the ground, giving a nice view of Japan shaking his hands off with a startled expression. He seems to be out near the lake, dressed in completely normal winter clothing aside from Turkey's Ottoman Empire hat thing balancing awkwardly on his head. He fixes it so it's less over his eyes and kneels down to the communicator with a frown.]

Ah, my apologies... I had intended to speak once I arrived at a nice destination, but it seems such devices are not so patient. [Irritation is there, underneath his polite way of speaking... But he eventually sighs, wrapping his scarf a bit more closely around his neck as he continues to walk, looking to the communicator.]

As some may know, I am the creator of the map program that many should have seen by now. That being said... I am interested in programming other things, though I cannot say I am sure where to begin. Is there anything useful that is needed? Or perhaps it is fine to do games... Ah, if such a thing interests you, please be sure to fill out the form at the end of this post. I will put it up shortly.

[He raises a hand up to fix that hat again, finally seating himself on the ground near the lake.] Though on one more note... Has everyone viewed memories that are not their own by this point? ...I am simply curious. [The video shuts off there, and as promised, it's just a few seconds later before the text is added.]

Please fill out this form if you are interested in asking me to program something.

Thank you. 人(--*)

[Feel free to run into Japan around Discedo too if you'd like! I'd be fine with him seeing any and all memories from you guys so go for it, and just ask if you want to see anything of Japan's.]

[ video ]

Feb. 6th, 2012 05:15 pm
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[A very tired looking Kevin appears on the screen, clothes and hair a bit dissheveled, but for the most part in place.]

A-alright. Good job everyone! You, um... did it, I guess. [He's trying so hard, he really is, but eventually even that frustrates him and he sighs.] Yeah, good job. Those of you that actually brought something back, anyway.

So look, I'll be sending them to you as soon as possible, but... [He's flustered, obviously irritated and unable to come up with the right words, so he finally just spits them out all at once.]

Just... just keep an eye on them, okay?! I don't want those things running around all over. And we don't revive them! [And he hangs up in a huff.]


Feb. 6th, 2012 08:10 pm
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Never let me have alcohol again.

(Open for sharing memories :3 and as always action spam for David :D)
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I am wondering something.  Has anyone here has a kind of strange waking dream?  I'm starting to get worried about this.

[Open to anyone who wants one of Conan's memories. Let's ruin any chance he had of convincing everyone he is a normal child.]
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