Feb. 25th, 2012

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[ The following broadcast is presented over an anonymous feed by the Differo Report. Much like television, the broadcasters cannot hear comments made to the post; however characters are welcome to comment and respond. Today's segment will be hosted by [personal profile] abstruse, [personal profile] bauhinia, and [personal profile] dewebbed ]

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[The view seems to be coming from the floor] Doctor Hayward. Doctor Hayward! DAVID!

[Silence, long silence. Until you hear 'Dood' one of the Pinnies seems to be holding a piece of paper]

He's gone. HE'S GONE! [There's some crying one of the Pinnies pats Denzel] Oh, don't you pat me. You're all going to go too. All of you! [Pointing to the Pinnies who simply go 'Dood']

[There's some slight crazy chuckling] He's gone. [Chuckle chuckle] He's gone! [Crazy insane laughing] We're the only one's left in Spero.
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Hmm hmmhmm, hmmm~ ((Sakura sounds pleased with herself, at the least as far as her sing-humming is going for her.)) Okay, now just the head.

There! I guess I forgot the other stuff, too, though... ((A moment, and she pulls out her communicator. The video opens up to Sakura standing besides a snow man just a head taller than she is. She looks down at the communicator, smiling a little as she pokes the writing screen.))

Hey, anyone have some stuff I could put on a snowman? Like buttons or a scarf?

((Sakura's been at it for about an hour, quietly rolling up snow and layering it on top of each other. Anyone could join her if they want! She's content playing in the snow alone.))


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