Jan. 27th, 2012

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[ So here's Jack, sitting on the steps of one of the clothing stores. As the feed starts, he's poking a rather nice gash on his left cheek- his hand jerks back as he looks at the camera. ] So I'm not...well, crazy, right? The furniture's attacking us. See, my doorknob bit me! [ He gestures to his cheek, then looks to something offscreen for a moment- his expression is nervous, but he laughs. ]

I think they're trying to bring buildings here, too, but it's not working. Do you guys recognize any of these places, too? There's a place here, near the department store, that I thought might've been something from my school. But it's from somewhere else. Maybe they're trying to bring a bunch of people at once!

[ But were the people in those buildings back then real...? He's still not sure. In any case, whether you're walking around the streets of Discedo or not, you should bug him. ]
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Returning back. Unless, you've already kicked me out.

- Crocker

PS, I hope you like birds.
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[ When the feed clicks on the camera is skewed slightly, poorly focused and clearly not actually intended for filming. No, this is very much an accident. ]

I'm… I am. I'm… I am. [ Sasuke is seen hunched over on his bed, eyes trained on a notebook scribbled with various English words he's studying and his mouth set in a grim line. Seems he's on contractions at the moment. ]

You will… You… ru. You ru. You'll… くそ! [ That notebook is suddenly flung away, his head sinking into his hands as Sasuke sighs out heavily. Such hot-headedness from a normally calm and collected person… Luckily for him that video cuts off before he can unwittingly reveal anything else he doesn't care to share. ]

( ooc: edited to add that this is backdated to just a few hours before the furniture event begins. )


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