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[Video and Action Spam]

I don't know what the fiddle sticks just happened.

Not sure if I was being delusional because I've had a cold for weeks.

But I opened the door and I was home.......

I quite frankly wasn't sure if I wanted to be back to the place that reticulated, I, Mr. Denzel Crocker all of those years. [Denzel appears to be eyeing beyond the camera at this point]

I figured I could at least see her.... I've often wondered how time has passed. If she has noticed I was gone....

Then I don't remember a - THING! Expect for waking up here in the hospital and having a strange abundance of memories. Yet according to what Washu said makes perfect sense!

I KNOW! I KNOW! [Laughs maniacally]

[There's a short pause]

Gellert? Washu? China? Macau? Are you all still here?

(Belated post to the last plot. Basically he found a doorway home, died and woke back up in the hospital and now has his canon memories that where originally blocked)
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I was wondering where you got to.
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I am aware of that. There has been something strange happening with every door.

[Even.. she's not immune.]
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[She is not going to say. All he gets is silence for a good length of time before she speaks again.]

Where are you?
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I will be there soon.

[Denzel doesn't get a choice in the matter. Washu cuts the feed and walks through one of the doors nearest him. Immediately there's a very pronounced difference. For one, she's in her adult form and has her arms crossed.

Washu.. seems to be distant and her clothing reflect a more conservative adult mind set. And perhaps.. a slightly disturbed one.]
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[Washu merely raises an eyebrow as her cold emerald eyes just watch his every movement. Perhaps there was a hint of madness in those eyes. A very controlled madness and anger being just barely kept at bay.

For now.]

Unless you have something constructive to say, get on your feet. We're going home.

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[He can think whatever he likes. Washu's not going to mention the horrors she was forced to endure when she walked through her door.

What she went through.. made any of her previous experiences pale in comparison. Even the loss of Ryoko was nothing compared to this.

She leads the way through the doorway and back to the appartment. Instead of the cozy mess, it.. was a very sterile and organized environment. Some of the current devices she built were imposing.. and dangerous looking. Though powerless without a source.

Even Ryo-Ohki seems to be keeping her distance from the scientist.]

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[She's just watching him, observing as he runs his boney little hands over her perfect machinery. ]

You're assuming I need machinery to destroy this city and to rule.

[Immediately a ball of pure energy forms on her finger tip and gathers size before she releases it. The shot heads towards another piece of machinery, making it explode within a force field.]

I am fully capable of destroying this city and this planet with out them. I merely built them because I can.

[She lets the debris settle before she releases the force field. As for Ryo-Ohki, she's hiding under the couch somewhere.]

Are you sure about that Denzel?
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Because planets are mere stepping stones. Why bother ruling one planet when you can rule a galactic empire?

[She smiles a bit though it is still very cold.]

You think too small Denzel. I have the power to challenge the most powerful empire in my universe and beat them.

[What happened? Torture beyond anything she had ever experienced before. Continuous mind warping torment. And then.. it was over. She snapped. And the world shattered. She shattered.]

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[That was a strange sentiment from him. At some point before, she would have teased him about that, even exploited that feeling in him to try and make Denzel a better person.

Now? She merely brushes it off and turns towards another piece of machinery. There was no fixing her. At least, not right away.]
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I'm working on one of my machines.

[Simple answer. She started to take off the paneling to expose the insides. Wires and circuitry went every which way as she began tinkering with the wiring.

Could he bring her back and fix her? It would take a lot of work, possibly more than he was capable of.]
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Grab a pair of pliers.

[In other words, yes he may but if something gets damaged she will take it out on him.]
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[Helen eyes him with obvious concern.]

Are you all right?
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[Clearly not. Well, then. Perhaps it would be best to find out exactly what she was dealing with.]

Was I?
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I remember talking to you as a child. [Her voice is gentle, as though she is still dealing with a child.] But I was never so far into your past.

What else do you remember?
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I think we're rarely as alone as we believe.