Aug. 25th, 2012

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Ouch! Ugh, what a piece of shit. Do the scientists want their captives to die? I mean, honestly. So pointless, it just means more work for them. Stupid...

[ ...

then he's trailed off for several moments, as if momentarily forgetting what he's supposed to be doing. actually, that is exactly what. his voice is weaker, tired.

... Yeah. I'm only using this because I need something, not to chitchat with a bunch of idiots. I haven't eaten in two days because everything is awful and I can't leave. Not right now, anyway. Or I don't want to. You all should be grateful, by the way. I'm suffering for your safety as I don't think anyone here is as a) selfless or b) smart enough to know how not to screw up everything within a five mile radius.

[and that didn't really make a lick of sense. he seems to realize this.]

I think I said the point in there somewhere, I don't care because my stats are about to take a debuffing and I'mgonnahavet—

[BUT NOPE NOPE TOO MUCH TALKING. thankfully, he does manage to turn it off before all of discedo can hear the lovely noise of retching.]
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[There's a little bit of feedback before the comm clicks to life, followed by some shuffling.]

America, putting me outside while I was asleep wasn't funny! It's not a good joke... whatever I did, it was an accident! If this is about the bath, you needed it!

Wait, it was raining before... but it's not even wet. I was by this street yesterday, and it looks much better now.

... Ah, sorry to be a bother, but can anyone tell me what's going on?


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