May. 30th, 2012

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[You’ll need to go outside for most of this entry.

Why? Well, towards the evening Flandre has woken up and started…sneezing. SNEEZING minus the actual Words. After she’s knocked things around Cube’s office a few times, Cirno, being Cirno, has decided that this means some excellent flying practice is in order!

Or at least it seems that way since there’s now an ice fairy falling with style outside and a little vampire flying frantically after her to catch her.

…though it seems every time Flandre gets even remotely close enough she sneezes again and launches Cirno off into the air. Again.

One or both may be dangerously close to crashing into any observers instead, one or the other.

[Later, the audio part of the program]

[Though Flandre’s voice sounds quieter than usual, as if she’s standing some distance away.

Mostly because she is.

I liked it better when there weren’t any plants at all.

((OOC: Both Cirno and Flandre will reply to the action prompt.))
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[At first there is nothing more then blackness and Marisa muttering to herself. She does not sound happy at all.]

What the hell happened..I was able to see when I came up here...

[Suddenly there is a loud *SMACK* and a lot of cursing. There is a shift in the light and a thunk as the communicator hits the ground. It falls out of her hat, seen off to the side and shows Marisa backing away from the wall she met with her face. She's inside...and close to some stairs. This can not end well.]

OW! Alright...Now where am I going...?

[She holds her arms out in front of her and starts following the wall. Unfortunately for her- She goes straight into the stairs. She teeters for a moment, a look of pure shock crossing her face before she goes down. She disappears down the stairs and a loud *SNAP* and more cursing is heard before another thud. She calls out from where she's fallen off camera]

Uh...A little help ze...?

text; 04

May. 30th, 2012 01:49 pm
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[ video clicks on. looks like the communicator is stuck under a couch. there's a lot of shuffling noises before the post times out.

for a girl who sees with her nose, pollen is a terrible thing. even if there aren't any added side effects.
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[If anyone's out and about in Discedo, they might be treated to the somewhat eerie sight of Gin skulking about in his ever-present long black, crow-like trench coat and matching fedora. His hair isn't let loose today, gathered and hidden underneath his coat. He looks mildly less threatening today, in as much as a shady man constantly followed by ominously cawing birds can look nonthreatening, as he carried a lumpy bundle of cloth (on closer inspection, it might be made up of a pair of shirts) that clattered and tinkled with a metallic sound as he walked. Judging by the place he emerged from, it can be assumed that the sound was caused by him lumping together so many tins of canned food into his makeshift bag.

He looks almost as unfriendly as ever, unsmiling and perpetually glaring, only every now and then, his glare falters and he reaches up to angrily knuckle his eyes.

Instead of heading back to Dissimulo as quickly as he normally did after acquiring what he needed, he milled about, walking aimlessly through the street.

Care to approach?]


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