May. 29th, 2012

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[She's new, obviously, and looking a little distressed as she tries to figure out the communicator well enough to make some use of it. Sitting down by the shipyard, her blonde hair is tied back in a messy ponytail, trying to keep it from getting in her face as she tries to figure out what's going on here.]

Excuse me... [A good start, right? Polite.] I'm a recent arrival to this place and would appreciate any information I could be given on it. It's not quite right for anywhere I know of home.

[It's short, but effective, she hopes. Canada then more or less repeats herself in French, then German and Russian and Japanese, the first languages that come to mind for good international communications.

But just to be safe, she tries text, too:]

Information and/or assistance in returning home would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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[When the camera turns on, the first thing everyone sees is two sets of neutral eyes. Or more like an expression of eternal deadpan. Some might believe that one of them belonged to a certain tsundere redhead but when they bounced away (yes, bounced), they were revealed to be those cute little blob things that Spectavi reported on before.

Yes, that is an Ange Mochi but the other one wasn't familiar to anyone except one other person: the owner of the communicator.]

Sora! Sora!

[The odd mochi called out to the girl on the ropes, who gave out a yelp and nearly fell down off screen but her voice was definitely heard.]


[The camera then gets a better look at 'Layla': a mochi with blue eyes and short blonde hair with a calm and cool expression.]

Wait, you're-

[Then Ange Mochi hops over and looks up at the acrobat, who looks just as confused.]

I think your owner isn't here...oh boy...

((OOC: Action parts are at Sora's training spot outside of town.))
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((Action/Video; Early afternoon))
((Sakura has been looking through all the new plant growth, trying to find any possible herbs for antidotes, medicine, or even as a poison. A hard look, but it seems she's found an interesting variety to test out.

There's just. one Problem. Monsters.))

...Uh. Did that thing just blink? Ah, --OH MY ((BUUUUUUURRRRPPP. The screen is filled with a dark smoke and the screams of a poor Sakura. Those who are on the same block as the hospital might hear her.. or run into her.))

((Audio->Action; Late afternoon))
I need.... noodles.((So exhausted... the feed clicks off.

For those of you who didn't keep your doors locked, and well, if your windows are open even. Or there was any kind of way to sneak in. Guess who's ninja'd in. Sakura is now hunched over and raiding your cabinets, shoving all form of dry noodles into her mouth, literally crunching on the stuff. When she turns, her eyes are squeezed shut. She sniffs. Bugs are flying around her, mostly ants and bees.))


((ooc; FOR THE FIRST ACTION Sakura will be blind, berseked, confused, energy boosted, and bravery. Meaning she WILL try to hit you, will PROBABLY chase you if you try to run away... and has super shitty aim, so you're safe for the most part unless you WANT to be punched to the moon?!

FOR THE SECOND ACTION Sakura will be craving dried noodles, has inhibition loss (meaning she might say something mean or do something she'd otherwise regret), animal behaviours, attracts bugs, and again, bravery & blind.

Basically, Malboro suck because they slaughter you with all the status ailments ever and it sucks. she was attacked, and hence... well first of all that malboro will regret ever getting hit, but secondly, Sakura is just totally out of it.))


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