Jan. 20th, 2012


Jan. 20th, 2012 03:35 am
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... ... ...If someone kidnaps your girlfriend's dog, it's the knight's job to get it back right?

[How does he end up in these situations? Honestly? But like he'd ever abandon Angelo.]

I'm going to be gone for a few days. If anyone wants souvenirs or pictures now's the time to say it.
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Hey. Scientists...

I don't know if you do requests but uh, I figure you can make an exception seeing as it's going to be my birthday in a few days or so.

Anyway, I want a cassette player, batteries to run it and my cassette collection from home. Does that sound reasonable? I'm kinda going a little crazy without my music so... if you could do that for me that'd be great.

[Casting his eyes off in thought he then adds with a sigh, mostly speaking to himself,]

Man... I wish I could get laid on my birthday.

[He then realizes he left the comm on and smiles innocently. You weren't supposed to hear that... But he quickly covers up his goof by switching to his bedroom eyes.]


[A wink, then he shuts the feed off.]
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It's okay, I won't hurt you.

[China can't be seen since the comm is in his bag, but he can be heard, along with a hissing noise. The screen whites out for a moment as China opens his bag, letting light flood into it. He gives it a curious glance when he realizes it was on before turning it towards a female Thestral that is on the ground and bleeding from a large wound on her side.]

She's hurt, but she will not let me come close. She won't even eat the fruit I toss to her. I'm worried that whatever did this to her will come back, aru. Any suggestions? ...Also, what is she? [He sends the mare a glance.]


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