May. 24th, 2012

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{Well, well, well, look who's back. You'll see the view behind the Doctor's head consists of a view of Spero from the top of the University. And then the communicator buzzes and is prompty dropped with an 'ow', reverting the view to concrete and the Doctor's boots.

The man picks up the bloody thing again, but he doesn't seem to worry about it.

Hello, everyone! Sorry about that, I think my communicator shorted out or something... Should probably fix that... Can I fix that? {He trails off for a moment before remembering what he was meant to be doing.}

Anyway, sorry, again, about not being in touch, but I've been exploring this city! Spero, was it? There's loads of stuff here, I've learned a lot! Like orcas! Did you know there used to be orcas in the lake? Although, I havn't found out what happened to them all yet, but I suppose it might be the nuclear fallout, it does that sometimes, you know...

I'm coming back now, though, I've rather missed sleeping in a proper bed. And tea, I'd quite like a cup of tea.

[He'll be answering until he get's back to Discedo, and then you can come find him in person if you so desire. He might be a bit tired by that point though.]


May. 24th, 2012 10:18 pm
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 [Danny is slightly sheepish today.  And in ghost form, thanks to being on patrol as he makes this post.]

Yeah, so... if anyone is wandering about the trail of monstercicles in Discedo?  That's kind of my fault.  Things got a little out of hand.

[He rubs awkwardly at the back of his head.]

Also, could anyone tell me where it was I lived when I was here before?  I'm kind of curious to see it.


May. 24th, 2012 11:23 pm
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[Whether it is by accident or design the camera is pointed toward a fireplace and Gellert is poking at some embers with a long stick. Then he looks contemplative as he simply gazes into the reawakening flames.]


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