Jun. 24th, 2012

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[ The feed clicks on in an abandoned building. It is focusing on a small wooden table, light shining through the window behind it. For a place like this, it is somehow a rather nice image.

Sitting on this table is a loaf of bread.

After about ten seconds- gotta let you all soak in that bread- Jack walks into the frame, pulls up a little wooden chair, and sits facing the camera in a pose that may look familiar. On these small communicator screens, he may look like he's scowling. But anybody who looks and listens close will realize he's actually suppressing laughter. ]

I'm onto you, secret bread cult. [ he makes little quotes with his fingers on the "secret" ] I'm onto you.

[ and then he bursts out laughing.

comment on jack's continued bread-related adventures, discedo?? ]


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