Mar. 23rd, 2012

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[The device is turned on, adjusted, and then shows Cube's face.]

Ah, good evening, Discedo. I do hope you're all keeping dry.

Does anyone have any recommendations for living quarters? As much as I like where I am, I believe it's about time to-

[A flash of bright light fills the room as a loud crack of thunder follows. Not a second later, the little demon is knocked over by a blur of red and yellow. The communicator falls to the floor and slides to reveal Flandre clinging to Cube quite tightly.]

F-Flandre-chan! L-Let go! Too tight-- ack!

Le tonnerre, le tonnerre!

[Cube reaches for the communicator, gagging and trembling with all his strength to type something while the vampire has him in a death grip. Rather than send what he typed, the feed clicks off.]
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[The feed begins with the sound of rain hammering down on some surface. The sound is faint from distance, but there's also a louder, clearer sound of heavy rain crashing down and splashing around as it joins more water below. Wherever this message is being recorded, it's barely providing decent shelter, letting in and trapping just as much rain— or more— than it deflects.]

Is there a map for this wretched place? [Gin's voice is quiet, but there's more than a bit of anger breaking through the usual icy stoicism.]

I need a place to stay. Just until the weather calms.

[Thunder booms, then the feed ends.]
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It's not often I do this, so listen up. I need a little help.

[Washu pauses for a moment to lean back on her floating cushion as Ryo-Ohki crawls into her lap and mewls. ]

Though, considering the issue it really isn't a surprise. You see, my roommate needs a date. It's really for the boy's own good. So~ Where are all the matchmakers?

[In the background there's the sound of a thunderboom, just as she leans in and smiles at the screen. Ominous? Quite possibly.]

Besides~ Who doesn't want to help get a guy laid~?


Mar. 23rd, 2012 11:48 pm
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I think I owe a lot of people an apology.

That evil creepy jerky blue skinned guy who attacked a lot of people a few weeks ago? That was me. Well, not me me. But a me from a bad alternate future that doesn't exist any more.

Everything he did? All the people he hurt? It was all my fault.


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