Jan. 29th, 2012

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Jan. 29th, 2012 12:22 am
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[The video starts first to the image of three objects, seemingly unconnected but all written on in big, bold marker. The desk they're sitting on is most notably not trying to eat anything or anyone, and a hand takes its time resting on each time. First, a carton of milk with the letter "D" markered on. Next is an old lock, once again marked "D". And finally? A book, where the letter "S" has been made quite clear on the cover.

Finally there's that familiar laugh and the video is shifted back a bit, revealing Jay sitting behind the items.]

Get a good enough look? [A cock of his head and a spread of his hands.] How's it going, Fortuna? You didn't think I'd leave you out in the cold for too long, now did you? [Another laugh! Don't you guys love his jokes.]

Happy New Year! Oh, but that's not what you care to hear, is it? [He leans closer, his chin resting lightly on the book as he drums fingers on the table.] Help... Yes, that must be it. Well! [He slaps that hand down and sits back upright.]

Here are your clues. Inside one building in each city is a bomb. Clip the right wire to defuse it and you're set! And well. I've practically told you where they are already, haven't I? Saying any more would ruin the effect! Go on, then. You have cities to save. Make me proud. [A teasing wink, and the feed clicks off.]
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((An innocent scene, really. Germany and Phoenix are sitting at a table, enjoying drinks together--well, Germany and his beer, Phoenix and his Grape Juice. You really couldn't get a calmer conversation, given the situation they're temporarily unaware of. They've been shooting the bull for a while now, discussing things of varying nature.))

How has Discedo been treating you then?

As great as a run-down monster-infested world. Ever since my daughter came it's like I'm always fighting off prospective boyfriends-- I mean watching out for monsters.

Ha, something I'm sure we could all reaOw....

((A pause--Germany blinks.)) Are you all right?

I don't think I'm drunk enough to be hallucinating. Is this table biting me? Is the table really biting me?

.......... ((FWOOOOSH You get about as much as the feed tipping before a most glorious black out.))

Really. Glorious is all I can say )

((The feed returns to normal, and a table growls, pinned into the wall, it's own leg protruding out of it's center. Phoenix and Germany stand side by side, looking only slightly damaged.

A hand goes up; the other knocks his fist against it.))

Well done.

((Germany grabs another beer, busts it open with his teeth. Phoenix grabs another grape juice and stabs the straw in. Heads back, swig of their drink, and the feed cuts out.))
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--Area scanned: data not available
>>not available: constructing map

[If it were possible for a line of computer text to sound annoyed, it would be Soundwave who could do it. The text flashes for a moment, before clearing, what almost sounds like a rush of static over the airways cutting in.

Meanwhile, in Dissimulo at the conjuncture of King Street and Harmony lane, one would find a strange, towering, nine foot tall faceless metal... thing, holding the little device delicately between two long, spindly fingers as he crouched. The visor flickered faintly as the words appeared on the device… Seemed like he found a way around the little buttons.

And he didn’t appear happy. With the shoulders drawn up and the head lowered, he was the very image of annoyance, the free hand lightly tapping his fingers slowly against the ground. There was a click, the communicator switching over to vocal input.

--sensors must be faulty!--

[An oily, enraged voice slithered out of the audio output, the shoulders hunching more.]

--Decepticon life signal—

[Just trying to find him a colleague out here. … Yeah it’s not going so well.]


Jan. 29th, 2012 08:10 pm
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Is a non-working vacation too much to ask for? I mean, come on. One day off. After what happened last week I deserve that.

[A dark-haired teenage boy is scowling unhappily into the camera. He sighs heavily and drags a hand through his hair. Somehow it always ended up like this.]

Okay,so let me just get this straight. I've been kidnapped. Again. Stuck in a creepy looking city that is seriously in need of a little urban renewal. And on top of all of that my powers are shorted out?

Could this possibly get any worse?

[He freezes and moans miserably.]

...Oh, great. I think I just jinxed myself.
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[Washu is sitting calmly in her room surrounded by a very active ball of crackling energy as a table and chair throw themselves at her. The protective shield flings the attacking furniture back each time.

As for Washu, she's sitting on a floating pillow and typing away at her computer and only glancing at the furniture every once in awhile
. More or less the petite scientist was studying the animate objects to see what was causing it.  They even try to mob her protective bubble! Hammers and various other tools throw themselves at it only to be flung away. This continues on for several moments before the communicator finally shuts off.]


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