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[ The feed turns on abruptly.

Lo and behold, two unlikely people stand in front of the camera, clearly unaware they've just gone live. By the way Suigetsu's standing, it's extremely clear the mind inside doesn't belong to the original body.

Sakura's figure, on the other hand, is pulling a very sassy pose. Hands on her hips, wearing a very uncharacteristic pout.

Okay, that's the plan. Did that sink in or do I need to fucking spell it out for you? It really isn't that hard to understand!

Yeah, I got it, I don't need another lecture from you.

Look, bitch. If this works, I won't have to see your ugly mug ever again. So shut up and concentrate.

[ There's a scoff from Sakura as she turns away and Suigetsu does the same, creating a lengthy distance between them in the apartment. They lean forward, sink low into a running stance. ]


[ They sprint at one another and the eventual impact resounds throughout the room with a loud splash and a deafening THUD. It's obvious that slamming into one another to make their souls jump back into their respective bodies was absolutely retarded.

So now Sakura had been reduced to nothing but a scattered puddle on the floor and Suigetsu is crumpled on the ground holding his large, bruised forehead, having crashed into the opposing wall.


[ Dramatic pause. ]


[ *Note: Suigetsu is pink text and Sakura is blue. The accounts "pinking" and "hydraulic" will be used respectively. ]
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Well hell-oooo

I've got my scythe back, yes I have. And I'm fighting fit. I've gotten out of shape.

I'd never thrown up before. That was an experience.

Now, someone tell me where that square who made me sick went. He was supposed to make me better, not sick.

And now he'll PAY... bloody sadist. He's even worse than my Will.

Speaking of which, where IS William? He should have come to get me by now.
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[It was quite unlike Izaya to leave his feed on accidentally.

In fact he probably would've been angry at himself for having done so if he hadn't found himself otherwise occupied with a matter much more pressing.]


[The room he was in appeared to be Shizuo's bathroom except the door was off its hinges and the mirror had cracks in it now as though someone had clenched it too tightly in their exasperation. But the pain wasn't felt, in fact, the only reason why he even let go was due to a sudden shock inside of him that he could only attribute as to being caused by some strange internal mechanism inside of the monster's body]

...I am not wearing a fucking bowtie.

[Says the man who walks around in his own fashion disaster on a daily basis

Note: The account shizuchan will be used!]
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[ The camera flickers on when Shizuo seems to be rolling out of bed.

Half-asleep, he drags his face off of his pillow and grunts as he moves to sit up groggily, reaching up to scratch at his chest and yawn.

It takes him a few moments to realize that he's wading in the sweatpants he had worn to bed, secured dangerously loose around pale hips on do not belong to him. Blinking hard, eyes sensitive to the light, he rubs at them in disbelief and then stares at his hands.

And stares.
] What... [ Annnd stares. ] The... fuck...? [ Startled to high hell, he's picking up the recording communicator and staring into the screen, hoping to catch a glimpse of his reflection. His eyes widen and he nearly drops the thing.

The image shakes and it's obvious he's running, slamming the bathroom door open. And then he drops it when he sees Izaya staring back at him, chest rising and falling as he tries to remember how to breathe properly.



[ About thirty minutes later Shizuo regains some semblance of calm.

Meaning, he hasn't calmed down at all and is currently stomping down the stairwell, tugging firmly on the drawstrings of his sweatpants, ready to give that flea a piece of his mind. Because when something went wrong, when situations got to the point where they were out of control, Izaya was the culprit.

Standing in front of Latimir 404, directly a floor down from his apartment, Shizuo pitches his leg back and goes to kick the door down. His toe meet the base of the door - really all he'd need to do normally was tap it and it'd buckle in - and stops.

Immediately, he drops to take a knee, holding his foot in his hand with a pained sound he hasn't heard himself make in months.

Knock knock, Izaya, your body has returned home.

*Note: The account "flearidden" will be used.
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[S H R I E K]

[yes, it was totally necessary to turn the device on before 'she' let out a bloodcurdling scream. enjoy that. turkey thinks it's kind of amusing though because holy shit, so high-pitched!!

'leanne' rights the camera, and looks a little more than displeased.

Holy hell!! I'd ask if this was the scientists' idea 'a a sick joke, but I already know the answer to that! Or else someone's got reeeaaaaal funny powers— by which I mean, not at all. Looks like it's happenin' to the lot 'a you too, hahahaha. I guess that part's funny! Misery adorin' company 'n all that, eh. I mean, I prolly struggle to lift up a goddamn gallon 'a water right now. [:|]

Anyway!♪ [change of tone. 'she' smiles; or rather, smirks.] Would the real me please stand up! If what I'm seein' is true, ya should know what I'm talkin' 'bout.
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( high heeled boots are shown first when the feed opens up. then the right foot is lifted and steps upon the device. a small squeak can be heard before the screen cuts and re-opens to a fallen tatsumi. the body rolls over and stares at the communicator. 'he' gently whines in pain before the truffles on 'his' head clamp down on his head. )

Please I need shoes....these big high heeled ones are killing me! This is the fourth time I've fallen.

( 'tatsumi' suddenly turns pale. )

How does this even work...I think....I think the Gods hate me. Please put me out of my misery. I just want to go home!

( 'tatsumi' begins to cry. )

(ooc: replies from [personal profile] notsogay)
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[The camera view flips on upside down at first—its user was sleepy. She rights it with a grumble as soon as she notices, which isn’t that fast.

And apparently…Cirno? She looks a bit grumpy, though, and like she just woke up. Kind of like how Flandre does when someone’s disrupted one of her catnaps, actually.

Would everyone stop screaming for a bit? I’m trying to sleep and then someone goes and shouts the stupid device on and the rabbits hear and turn it over and then everyone is awake.

Did people forget the scientists are still here and do strange things all the time, or something?

[Ironic, since she hasn’t noticed her own sudden change in appearances yet. Because this was, in fact, Flandre.

“Cirno” grumbles again, gets up from the table she was sitting at, and starts to toddle away with an oddly stooped over posture. Funny, her wings felt awfully light today. And she was cold. Time for blankets.

She glances back at the device a bit belatedly, and just…glowers at it a moment. It’s too far away to easily get back to, and she had a nap to resume. Priorities!

Adell, go turn it off.

[Because the rabbit is clearly going to understand what she’s saying and not look after her quizzically, even after she disappears around a corner.]
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[She really needs to keep this damn thing away so it doesn't record crazy things. Like trying to control an out of control chocobo that is really pissed off at the moment. But what they see is not a girl but rather this:

For those who have no knowledge of what the heck is going on, that's Sora trying to calm down Klunk while stuck in the body of the bird's most hated person.]

Klunk, you know it's me! Please don't give me that look!

[And Klunk screeches as he raises a foot, attempting to attack "him" but just dodges out of the way. Instead, Sora jumps onto the bird's back and well...things led to another and there is a bucking chocobo running around Dissimulo followed by the screams of this weirdo. Mostly 'KLUNK STOP' or 'HEEL'.]

(OOC: Yep, Sora swapped with the resident watch line facer! Replies will come after an hour and under [personal profile] istheknightnow!)
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