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--Area scanned: data not available
>>not available: constructing map

[If it were possible for a line of computer text to sound annoyed, it would be Soundwave who could do it. The text flashes for a moment, before clearing, what almost sounds like a rush of static over the airways cutting in.

Meanwhile, in Dissimulo at the conjuncture of King Street and Harmony lane, one would find a strange, towering, nine foot tall faceless metal... thing, holding the little device delicately between two long, spindly fingers as he crouched. The visor flickered faintly as the words appeared on the device… Seemed like he found a way around the little buttons.

And he didn’t appear happy. With the shoulders drawn up and the head lowered, he was the very image of annoyance, the free hand lightly tapping his fingers slowly against the ground. There was a click, the communicator switching over to vocal input.

--sensors must be faulty!--

[An oily, enraged voice slithered out of the audio output, the shoulders hunching more.]

--Decepticon life signal—

[Just trying to find him a colleague out here. … Yeah it’s not going so well.]

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