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[Being dropped back to Discedo was one thing, and then body swap was another. What has this world come to? One. Huge. Joke. And she isn't laughing. Look who's the troll butterfly.]

Why am I stuck in an ugly bug?! Do I have to eat weird stuff? I'm not eating weird stuff. Give me back my body creeper!

[[ooc: Swapped with Aradia [personal profile] autofairy]]
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[Hello Discedo, live from an indoor home Gohl is this gothic lolita who might look familiar. See that crown on her head, it's real! See those tears coming down her eyes, those are real too. Perona continues to cry cause her life sucks at the moment and it's her third time being dropped in Discedo's paradise.]


You scientists are insensitive, rude, and this place is still ugly, and it stinks! [No powers again, sobsobsob.]

Take me back to that creepy castle now!

[End feeder.]

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