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[Video starts in the evening where the moon is out in a somewhat greenhouse. The lights are off and the only thing illuminating is the moon itself. Least that's what it looks like. It's not in great health but Kirika is there with a simple table and a couple cups set up. She's sitting down taking a sip as if it was a tea cup.]

Um... Anyone would like to join for tea? There isn't any biscuits...

[[ooc: come and join for moonlight tea party.]]
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They say that fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Seems like Fortuna's getting pretty crowded...

[As cold as his voice usually tends to be, he does sound mildly amused this time around.

He's never been fond of people and he always tries to keep to himself, but, he almost misses seeing so many people crowding the streets. Call it a nonsensical nostalgia and foolish sentimentality, but he likes seeing people out and about, even if he wants nothing to do with them personally. He misses the congested streets of Tokyo.

With the sudden influx of people arriving to Discedo, they just might serve him in the future as suitable prey.]
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[The camera turns on and shows the ground being covered in water. It looks like someone is kind of stuck in a tree at the moment and while it wasn't too deep for Sora, there still remained a little problem:

Those mutant fish that keep jumping up and trying to bite her legs.]

Sorry to bother everyone but does anyone know how to get rid of these things?

[Nope, not bothering to say 'I'm cold and wet and I need someone to get me out of this tree'.]
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[The video feed first shows Kirika looking into the camera, but she soon turns it to reveal that she's riding on a motorcycle with Kresnik driving it. This wouldn't be too abnormal of a sight, except for the fact that they're completely surrounded by water with the motorcycle driving across it. Although neither of their expressions can be seen, both riders are very nonchalant about this fact.

Kirika moves the camera to catch more of their surroundings and this goes on for a few minutes before the feed ends.]

[ooc: Kresnik and Kirika are driving through Lake Marcidus, although only for about 30 minutes or so. Basically, they're driving off from the coast of Discedo and returning back to the city. Kresnik won't be answering any comments until they get back to Discedo, but Kirika will answer with the communicator during the trip. Also, action is fine if you want to meet them afterward.]
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Where can I found some books in Dissimulo? Or do I have to go back to Discedo? Any genre is fine.

What about the garden here?

Where can I get bullets for a Beretta M1934 model?

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[ America has been lying low ever since his little "excursion" with Tatsumi. Part of it is because it's pretty awkward to face up to doing terrible things, even if they weren't done by choice, even though he had no control in almost every sense. No matter what though, it's always hard to deal with the consequences of hurting those you care about. So he hasn't. He's been content to sit numbly at home and keep himself together.

But there's another reason.

America now wears a grin that's mostly reminiscent of his usual ones: cocky, self-assured, triumphant. Look closely though--look at the dark circles under his eyes, the healing bite marks on his neck, the bruises, and suddenly that sharp edge to his smile seems a little off.

Two weeks! Two whole freaking weeks and there ain't hide or hair of the bastard left! Discedo, I've done the impossible: I've solved your vampire problem. Let this be a lesson to all creatures of the day, night, or otherwise who are getting any ideas about going toe-to-toe with Hero of Hegemony!

[ It is at this point that he holds up his right hand. It's not a hand. It's a chainsaw.

Let's let that sink in: America has lost his hand and now he has a chainsaw in its place.

America has a chainsaw hand. And it works.

This is a travesty against all things sane. A beautiful, stupidly glorious travesty.


[ The chainsaw is turned on to accompany his near-maniacal laughter for an extra dramatic effect. Bruce Campbell would be proud of this display of lunacy.

After a bit he finally calms down. The smile remains on his face, but it seems a little more forced.

Gonna guess being dead for two weeks means he's staying dead for good. All those safe measures I took to make him stay dead, it damn well better work. [ Because if it doesn't... well, he's not sure what he'll do. His smile falters a moment, then comes back a little sadder. ]

And, uh... to y'all that are wonderin', and the ones who saw me... that night. I'll talk! Dunno how ready I am, but it ain't like I'm gonna get any more ready, right? Point is, I'm okay now, you're okay now, everything's okay!

[ Except he's really not. Hell if he'll talk about that though. ]

Oh! And if anyone knows where my hand went, lemme know! Stupid thing keeps running off on me.

[ Everyone might want to check under their covers tonight. You know, just in case a sentient severed hand happens to be there 8))) Why do I write these things what is wrong with me.

Also on a quick ooc note! I'm still chipping away at the event log, but if you have any questions about outcomes with your character/plotting/whatev, just drop me a line through PM or plurk or whatever mode of communication is comfortable for you!
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[ The feed opens to Yuki holding Artemis in her right hand pointing it at the communicator. ]

So we meet again communicator. Does this mean....this is my supposed third time here? 

[ She drops Artemis and walks to the communicator. ]

Anyone there? Is this Discedo? 


[ Anyone walking around Discedo will see Yuki with a small bag in one hand and Artemis in the other. Currently she is going up to random people and asking where Latimir is. ]
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[Audio is on and there is a moment of silence. The listener probably hears a faint sound of a breath. After about a minute, a voice finally merges; soft, gentle, and curious.]


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