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CLOSED AS OF JAN 1st, 2013.
If you wish to join our musebox, please go to [community profile] afterdiscedo
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[ Audio ]

A...Attention everyone!!! If you could please direct your gaze to the sky. Yes yes... Took a bit of er.. time but the ball is about to drop. [ Look up everyone!! You'll see there is, indeed, a ball about to drop, hanging from a crane across the middle of Lander. It looks so beautiful shining down the dirty street. ]

[ Here, his voice is cast off and far away, responding to a male. Perhaps [personal profile] settlethescore? ] Make them do the count down!! S-SHOOOO. I have this... I have this under control.

[ He's breathing heavy. ]
But yes... just... just count! There's twenty seconds on the clock. [ The ball begins to drop then, but he doesn't start for a few seconds. ]

Seventeen... [ A breath ] Sixteen... [ Another ] Fifteen... [ He counts so slow, more than just three seconds have past. His words are quiet as he whispers into his communicator. ] Fourteen.

Cut for Kevin finally loses it )
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[ The following post and all subsequent comments by [personal profile] spectavi are broadcasting up on your communicators. Characters may comment to this post, but it will not be seen on the broadcast, nor will the characters of [personal profile] spectavi receive the comments. Much like watching television. ]

Discedo: Channel 8 news, broadcasting live!.
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accidental video ▶

( usually when yuki appeared on the video feed it was because she meant to. however today the feed opens up to loud screaming and the view of legs kicking and trying to plant themselves. shortly the feed blurs a bit and reappears to show yuki lying on the floor of a rather dark looking area. yuki is lying there for a bit and then gets up slowly, her hair, jacket, and face covered in dirt.

she sits up slowly and stretches a bit, blood scrapped against her neck and hands. of course the wounds healed but the blood remained. she looked around and then stood up. yuki looked up and then walked back a bit. she then began to scream. )

Help! I need somebody! Anyone? Hello? Is there anybody there?

( she turned and looked around for her communicator and then picked it up. looking rather worried and dirty, she spoke into it. )

I would like to request help please. I have no clue how I feel into this ditch, but this is the second time I've fallen into one.

☆-09 [Video]

[The witch is sitting in one of her windows, playing with a doll in one hand.]

Is everyone okay after that whole thing? I still dunno what ya all saw or whatever but....

[She trails off and glances into the apartment, holding the doll close to her chest. After a moment of silence she speaks again.]

Yo, Pinky did ya get back ta where you are stayin' alright?

It's just too quiet...Somethin' just does not seem right...
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008 ❃ Video

((When the feed clicks on, all you see are Sakura's shoes. It... seems that she's dropped her communicator, but she makes no motion to pick it up.))

No... no way... He...

((There's a choked sound. Her feet push forward and they disappear from the screen. In their place a pair of glasses are dropped. Faintly, you may hear her calling out: shizuo?? Shizuo!! Where are you?!))

does anyone know how long shizuo has been gone for?
Like a couple of days or a week or a month or i have no idea.

((Meanwhile, she's just going to reside in his apartment, on the couch, basically crying off and on for the rest of today.))

[Video and Action Spam]

I don't know what the fiddle sticks just happened.

Not sure if I was being delusional because I've had a cold for weeks.

But I opened the door and I was home.......

I quite frankly wasn't sure if I wanted to be back to the place that reticulated, I, Mr. Denzel Crocker all of those years. [Denzel appears to be eyeing beyond the camera at this point]

I figured I could at least see her.... I've often wondered how time has passed. If she has noticed I was gone....

Then I don't remember a - THING! Expect for waking up here in the hospital and having a strange abundance of memories. Yet according to what Washu said makes perfect sense!

I KNOW! I KNOW! [Laughs maniacally]

[There's a short pause]

Gellert? Washu? China? Macau? Are you all still here?

(Belated post to the last plot. Basically he found a doorway home, died and woke back up in the hospital and now has his canon memories that where originally blocked)

The First 8r8k :: text

[First there is a video of the ground, before Vriska shifts it to text.]

Oh cool!

This is o8viously the first place I had in mind when I wanted to go on a fucking vac8tion. Thanks, or should I say no thanks????????

Gr8, now that we've gotten how much more of this shit I will NOT 8e taking, this is where the fun starts.

I don't care what the fuck any of you all are doing right now. If you know something, stop what you're doing and pay attention to me.

Good, now that you are, I'll feel gracious enough to introduce myself. I'm Vriska Serket, a troll from Alternia. Now that you've heard that, you will explain all that you know a8out this place, and why none of you have gotten your asses out of here sooner.

It's practically a fucking DUMP out here! It's painfully o8vious no one wants to live here willingly, and I can see there's other people here 8esides me that I know of. It would 8e a8solutely astounding to find out every single person is too incompetent to figure a way out of this mess. And while I find that incompetence is like a widespread disease, I'm thinking this is not the case!

[And now she waits.]

32nd Dream [Accidental Voice *Japanese*]

[The voice feature turns on and the first thing you hear is frantic screaming. The thing is if you can't speak Japanese, you won't understand a damn word she is saying. If you do understand...]

Leave me alone! Stop looking at me like that!

[She's panting and breathing heavily, screams turning into sniffles.]

I didn't kill was the other one...! I'm innocent!

N-no, please don't come any closer! GET AWAY!!

[And the feed ends.]
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nineteen - text, DISCEDO

Okay so I think theres something wrong with the doors dont use the doors

just stay out

[ ...That's the entire message.

Jack's normally a more talkative guy, isn't he? Maybe today he just needs some pestering. ]
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Fifteenth Report: Dogmatic Solutions

Hah... I see it now. The truth; reality. What it is to be a human being. That was their goal; their objective. The thing that they strived the most to show us, and all this time we were too blind to understand the truth of it all. These scientists which it seemed so many of us were bent on hating. It's become so clear now just how wrong we are!

Humanity is moving forward too fast. Step into the world that you once knew and you find that everything is big cities, bright lights, and ignorance. Automobiles whirl by, people rush past, the sun moves across a natural sky, looking down at the unnatural landscape below it, tarnished and scarred by the marks we leave behind. Cities sprout up like cancerous moles and, with bulldozers, scar earth's natural skin. We TRY to create a world that is perfect in our eyes and completely miss the fact that, through our selfish benefit, we are destroying what is good.

That is Discedo. That is why we are here. Look around us and we SEE for ourselves what our sins will make of us! The buildings are representative of our home worlds: once a tall megalopolis stooping over the paved roads, we now look out our windows as the predecessors of some race and see what destruction they wrought upon themselves. Is this not what will become of every world? Humanity indulges itself, and eventually the gods will strike it down to its very foundation, leaving those of us too foolish to realize the consequences of our own actions.

Civilization is such an ironic word: what civility exists in it? It breeds only selfishness and hate, pitting us against one another until one has ruined the other. What is it called... survival.... Ah! yes! Survival of the fittest. The true nature of civilization: kill or be killed. But here...

Discedo. We are surrounded but what is truly civil: the requirement for us to work together as a body, instead of against each other like warring creatures. If we wish to survive we must come together and cooperate. That is the goals of the scientists, it only makes sense!!

Heh, I can't believe I didn't see it before. It needed only a look for me to finally understand what it was that made this place so unique!!! The scientists. They want to STOP the deterioration of not only this world, but our world. But as it stands... it is too corrupt, and what does one do with a corrupt criminal? He locks him up and, better still, kills him to protect society.


Sweet rapture, I have been freed of a blinding light that I may finally see the truth. The scientists are merely a beacon, and with their guidance we can find the path to righteousness.
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(no subject)

[ The message kicks in, starting out at a low buzz and growing louder in time. Faintly, two men are heard in the midst of a discussion, but their voices are hushed. As the sound grows louder, it becomes more apparent who's speaking. ]

I... I'm sure about this. There's just... We've been g- given this job, and the others are… I mean...

[ Another voice. To those who went on the town exploration, it should seem familiar. Very familiar. If you can imagine the stuttering, panicked man you met speaking with a firm tone, you'll be able to hazard the man's identity. ]

You were given this job? And just who gave it to you? Face it: you're clinging to a dream you've already tried and failed to achieve. It's a pathetic venture that wastes everyone's time.

W-well, yes; n- no. They... I've go to make sure they come in and out. If I... I leave this post, then they're stuck.

Then just leave it open. You're a smart guy, aren't you?[ Under the compliment is a biting threat. An accusation. ] Surely you could... put a foot in the door to prevent it from swinging closed, so to speak. Leave it open for them a crack. If they manage to wedge it open and make a break for freedom... well that would be no one's fault.

... As if accidental? [ his tone seems to consider it. ]

Completely by accident. [ Who knew someone could sound so assuring and so smug at the same time. ]

[ There's a long, contemplative silence. The feed is fading out again, but if you listen closely, it sounds as though a machine is powering up. Click. Click. Whiiirrrrr. ]

[ OOC: And thus officially starts the second event! There will be no responses coming from the Scientists but you are free to respond/mingle with one another in the post! ]
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[video: Halloween!]

It's too bad the costume doesn't give us certain attributes to go with it.

[Even though his video is turned on Izaya isn't looking at it. Instead he seems far more focused upon his own reflection in a nearby mirror.]

Such as immortality.

[Que a sigh as the informant turns to face the camera. For once his fur coat is gone, the strange ensemble replaced with clothes that actually seemed relatively normal - if not for the attached vampiric wings and teeth.]

Well we can always pretend! So, how about it? Any blood donor's out there~?

Humans preferred. ♥

[Otherwise he might gag.]

Sytten {Winter the Seventeenth} - [Video]

{First thing you'll probably notice is that Nor is wearing this - Yup, Norway's closet is full of lolita dresses for this event.

Second thing you'll probably notice is how terribly worried he looks.}

Has anyone seen my hair pin? I can't find it. Not much of an artist, but it looks like this;

Please let me know if ya see it. It's... important. Thanks.

tardisdiary: (That bow tie)

[Halloween Event]

If someone wanted to see me in a costume, they only had to ask.

[River smirks a little as she shows off one of the costumes in her closet. 
It was rather flattering to her figure if she did say so herself. And it came with guns. This was definitely her kind of costume.]

I wonder if these will stick around after the holiday is over with. Which brings me to a question I've been wondering about.

How do people  go about celebrating their dead?

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[Video: Halloween Costumes!]

So, who replaced my wardrobe? I'd really love to know how they did it.

[And why did they leave her with a poodle skirt and pink top? Admittedly this wasn't the strangest thing in her closet at the moment but it was still annoying.]

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[Halloween event]

[The camera is tight on Eric's face. It's more or less impossible to tell what he is wearing.]

All right. This is NOT funny.

[Halloween Costume Finding]

[Grell is wearing a floor length Victorian evening dress, in a bright red.]

Now now! Who's been reading my wish list?


It seems I have a secret admirer. He left THIS for me. [Grell does a turn.]

Now who is it? Fess up, so I can show you how grateful I am!
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on [voice; backdated to the 25th]

[BZZZZZZZT--] Oh, wow. That was fuckin' wonderful, really. [and embarrassing. mostly embarrassing. everything is.] I'd insert more curses 'bout how much I hate this place an' a good chunk 'a the fuckers in it, but hey! I need a doc to take out my chip, stat.

I'll even throw a 'please' out there.

An' if yer wonderin', yeah. I was completely innocent in... that. Whatever the fuck that was. Stabbed right in the back, both figuratively 'n literally. Screw you, Sasuke. Screw. You. AN' WHOEVER STOLE MY SWORD 'N GODDAMN MASK. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT EVEN. WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT.
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Er, quick question...I'm kinda runnin' low on ammunition right now. {As in, he has absolutely no ammunition to speak of, what so ever. And now that he has everything that he needs to fix up his weapons, well, bullets are going to be a bit of a necessity.}

So I was just wonderin' if any one has any idea where a person could either come across a stash, or create some bullets.