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[Halloween event]

[The camera is tight on Eric's face. It's more or less impossible to tell what he is wearing.]

All right. This is NOT funny.
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What's not funny?

[Ilyana herself is dressed up in a Witch's Outfit.]
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So you're just going around naked?!

[Ilyana is a bit shocked that the scientists would do that to somebody. Then again, Leanne's communicator had turned on while she was in the shower...]

Didn't they leave you anything?!
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Well... I can assure you that whatever you have, can't be much more embarrassing than the other outfits I was given.

[See icon]
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... You won't even give me a hint?
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[Right back at you]
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Well unless you want one of my costumes... which was designed for a woman, I don't think I can help you much.
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Honestly? I'm... not really sure. It seems like everyone's clothes have been replaced with something else so... Perhaps the only clothes we can actually find, our costumes designed for us.
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Hehehe! No matter how many times you say it... using Death as a curse is still pretty funny.
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Mmm, I remember you mentioning that before.