Dec. 1st, 2012

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[The witch is sitting in one of her windows, playing with a doll in one hand.]

Is everyone okay after that whole thing? I still dunno what ya all saw or whatever but....

[She trails off and glances into the apartment, holding the doll close to her chest. After a moment of silence she speaks again.]

Yo, Pinky did ya get back ta where you are stayin' alright?

It's just too quiet...Somethin' just does not seem right...
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( usually when yuki appeared on the video feed it was because she meant to. however today the feed opens up to loud screaming and the view of legs kicking and trying to plant themselves. shortly the feed blurs a bit and reappears to show yuki lying on the floor of a rather dark looking area. yuki is lying there for a bit and then gets up slowly, her hair, jacket, and face covered in dirt.

she sits up slowly and stretches a bit, blood scrapped against her neck and hands. of course the wounds healed but the blood remained. she looked around and then stood up. yuki looked up and then walked back a bit. she then began to scream. )

Help! I need somebody! Anyone? Hello? Is there anybody there?

( she turned and looked around for her communicator and then picked it up. looking rather worried and dirty, she spoke into it. )

I would like to request help please. I have no clue how I feel into this ditch, but this is the second time I've fallen into one.


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