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[Halloween Event]

If someone wanted to see me in a costume, they only had to ask.

[River smirks a little as she shows off one of the costumes in her closet. 
It was rather flattering to her figure if she did say so herself. And it came with guns. This was definitely her kind of costume.]

I wonder if these will stick around after the holiday is over with. Which brings me to a question I've been wondering about.

How do people  go about celebrating their dead?

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Your costume... is kind of nice. [She doesn't exactly understand it, but the boots look pretty neat, and she is rather fond of leather boots.]

I think that really depends on the kind of celebration you're referring to. I've never actually heard of Halloween before I came here, so I can assure this isn't the norm for my world. However, we have been known to sing, or pray in honor of those passed.

Is that the kind of thing you were looking for?
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Hehe, I think I know what you mean. [She has several different variations of her regular outfit she likes to wear for different occasions.] Although I think the one they gave me may be a little... silly. [Ilyana is currently dressed up in a Witch's Outfit which is strange to her as a mage.]

Well... it depends on the occasion I suppose. Did you have any particular occasion in mind?
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You... think so?

Well... there are many ways, but I guess the most memorable one I had ever seen was when prince reyson sang the Repose of Souls. If you know princess Leanne... the young lady with the white wings? Reyson is her brother.

I'm... not exactly that good at singing... but it went a little like this...

[Ilyana begins to sing as song that goes a bit like this. (Only the first minute is of relevance.)]
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She's been a good friend of mine ever since we came here.

It is sort of like a chant in some ways... it's a prayer to let the souls of those lost leave this world in peace. Did... somebody die recently? Or are you just asking for curiosity sake?
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Humph. Red NEVER clashes with ANYTHING. Why, it would be a sin to put this dress in anything but red, don't you think?