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[It had been awhile since Izaya's initial arrival here in Discedo and, contrary to what seemed to be a lot of the inhabitant's initial beliefs, for the most part the informant had been keeping his presence low. He wasted his days away by eavesdropping in on other's conversations, hacking locks (really, Shizu-chan? Sakura-san? Only 50%~?), and by doing whatever else was necessary to pick up some dismal, possibly useless, bit of knowledge that this place offered in relation to its inhabitants.

Which is why, if one were to wonder how Izaya wound up in this specific tree at this specific time, you could believe his claims of Shizuo chasing him up it like some yapping mutt or you could conclude that his endeavors were finally paying off.]

What do you think is necessary to push someone over that ambiguous, forbidden edge?

[Izaya's voice is low and yet there is still that echo of amusement within it as the video screen flickers on. However instead of the informant all you can see is a tree's branches blocking him out of sight from the two standing upon the ground some odd distance away.]

In this place where the only people we can trust are each other what would happen if that trust is betrayed? When a fragile mind finally snaps beneath the pressure and becomes a threat to us all?

[As the camera focuses the figures of Sasuke and Turkey become more defined. Sasuke's stance is clearly combative, chokuto already drawn and eyes trained solely upon his current target. Izaya's voice falls silent, like that of a memory long passed, when the observer becomes unable to focus upon anything more but the body of the avenger as Sasuke darts forward -- because naturally he makes the first move -- with average speed and abilities kept in check. Because of this, the nation parries easily, the metal clashing with a shower of sparks. He's almost smirking as he flicks his wrist to dislodge the swords from each other, sidestepping then to make a swing at Sasuke's side.]

Whose fault could be claimed in that moment when life and death hang upon the edge for them both? Do we seek out vengeance for the one defeated or believe the story of the survivor as we embrace the killer back into our midst?

[Turkey's blow is also met thanks to a sudden shift to a reverse grip, though it's not a favorable angle at which to defend. For a moment Sasuke does nothing, gaze flickering to Turkey and then to those swords as if he's made some sort of decision. And then, in a single instant, where the shinobi once was there is nothing at all. A flicker of an image is there in front of his opponent before suddenly appearing behind him, purposefully not allowing for time to react. Just as quickly seen is a spark of electricity darting along that chokuto before it's thrust forward into Turkey's back.

Turkey remains still for the moment, stunned. He reaches up to touch where the blade juts through his chest, but stops short; expression turning into one of a grimace as he wrenches himself away and begins to turn on the spot.

H-Hey, what the fuck, Sasuke--!!

[ The only auditory response Turkey's exclamation was granted is the crackle of electricity as the voltage is increased, traveling along the length of the sword and the blood now coating it. For the second attack there's no hesitation, and this time Sasuke is sure not to miss his spine. And he doesn't. His eyes are red when he meets Turkey's.

The nation means to say something more, but there's only blood; his scimitar falling inaudibly into the dirt, with its owner soon to follow. He doesn't get up.


[Izaya's laugh is a low, a mirthful chuckle that quickly grows in volume as the camera is flicked towards his own smiling face.]

Say, what do you think everyone? Is forgiveness the correct route? And if we forgave would we be able to forget the look on Turkey-san's face as he crumpled to the ground at Sasuke-san's feet?

I suppose the decision is up to you.

[And then the feed suddenly cuts off]
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(text ;; anonymous)

Greetings Discedo and Dissimulo,

You may or may not have noticed but a certain nation often goes around posting others birthday's, yet we've never heard of his birthday. Well citizens, Sadik Adnan's birthday is next week on October 29 2012. Please send him lots of gifts.

- K

video )
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Hey everyone, it's Marco. [You know, in case you couldn't tell from him being... Marco :|]

This actually took a little longer than I meant it to, but a couple of my maps got trashed, and then I nearly lost them when we moved and then I had to get the right kind of bottles--

[Wait. None of you needed to know that. Scratch that and ignore.]

Ah that is -- [Dramatic extra pirate-y mode get!] -- ARRR! Listen up me hearties and mateys alike! Around the port o' call: Discedo, there be buried treasures just waiting to be found and dug up! I have 'ere on me six treasure maps, and there be telling what gold lies at 'dem ends of rainbows wherein treasure marrrrks the spot! [He's trying really hard. Pirates in his world don't talk like this, okay? He has to guess what people think pirates sounds like and fill it in from imagination.]

Be ye daring enough to give these clever puzzles an attempt and earn the treasure and stake yer rightful claim to it?

And if not, then this is just a reminder that the Northern Lights is still operating and a lot more fully stocked. Bring me treasure, more drinks, or whatever you can. If nothing else, food can go to other people or the soup kitchen. We also take blood. [Bloody Mary's and all that. Okay no, that's not why, but if you ask he will claim it is.]

Now get hunting! Come get yer treasure maps and team up to split the treasure! Ev'ryone playing must have at least one sturdy nakama with 'im or 'er to ensure their victory!

ooc information on the treasure hunts )


Oct. 8th, 2012 12:28 am
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[It's been awhile Discedo. Have a good view of everyone's favorite genius.  Washu is sitting at her desk in her office at the hospital sorting through papers. A few moments later she lets down a small stack and smiles into her device.]

Out of curiosity, how many people in this city have medical training and to what degree? Can I have a show of hands please~? I want to know who I'm working with now that a few others have disappeared back home.

As for the rest of you, who wants to be a nurse~?


Oct. 6th, 2012 11:03 pm
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[Gellert has been scarce for a couple of months, since he'd gotten his chip out. The experience had drained him in a way he wasn't used to. Magic didn't work that way in his world. It didn't lessen as if on a counter, even though some spells could be exhausting to perform.]

[He appears now on the screen, looking more like his usual self again. Alert, his eyes bright with youthful enthusiasm. His tone is light, despite the threat in his words.]

I am myself once more. The villains of this place will not defeat me and I challenge them to face me now.

Surely you're not afraid of one wizard... But then, it would be wiser for you to be. Now that I am no longer subdued.
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Fall is in the air, yes it is! Yes it IS!

That means costumes, and PARTIES! I want a costume! I want to have a PARTY!

Where can I have a party? I'll throw it myself if I have to, if any handsome men will come.

[Emo Eric]

Oct. 2nd, 2012 02:42 pm
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[Eric appears on the screen. It looks like he's been drinking.]

It seems like nothing good ever happens to anyone I care about in this place. Getting your chip out is bad. I know, I did it. But I've never seen anything like this. And I still don't know what happened to Heather.

I would like...

I would like to go home. But, I don't know how to do that either.

I'm going to find a bar. And, I'm going to get drunk.

Come and find me. I don't care who.
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[Things have been pretty quiet from this guy for a bit. However, he needs to address everyone about some of the recent changes after this craziness with the body switching.]

To everyone who has noticed, both Commander Kresnik and Lieutenant Enil have been sent home. So that means there isn't many people on the Watch as of now.

[Seriously, how many were left?]

For those who don't what I'm talking about, the Watch is like a volunteer force that tries to protect the cities when things go wrong or during monster attacks. It's been...lacking lately but I'm getting things together so we would be prepared if a situation happens. While a good portion of the problems may be scientist-involved it doesn't mean that we can't help in some way or another.

If you're interested, you can contact me through this post or see me in person at the dojo in Dissimulo.

[And for most people, the feed ends. The next part...]

[Private to Watch members.]

If you have any ideas, I would like to hear them.
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[This melody will be heard throughout the network. Listen to the sad, yet beautiful music. When the song ends, it becomes quiet, but only for a moment.]

Do you all truly know who you are? [He's in a rather philosophical mood today.] I mean not your name, but who you are. Do you know your true worth?

[Unseen by the network, he's sitting by the window of his and Stocking's apartment, looking up at the evening sky.]
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[The feed starts off to show Leanne giggling and twirling about as she has once more, regained her own body. She goes to speak in Ancient Laguz, still giggling.]

My body! I have my body back! ILYANA! BROTHER! STEVE! MY BODY IS BACK! [SHE IS NO LONGER IN A MAN'S BODY! THAT FACT ALONE IS WELL WORTH CELEBRATION! She blushes a little from embarrassment but then soon a pure white light surrounds her and when the light ebbs away, there stands a human-sized pure white heron. The heron then moves towards the open window and leaps out before the communicator slowly shuts off. Yup! Someone is gonna be flying all over the city as Leanne misses her shifted form. So very very very much.]
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[Hopefully by now, most people on Fortuna have somehow received a prettily wrapped package containing four different varieties of home-made mooncake outside their doorstep. Those within Discedo had them hand-delivered; everyone else...hope they made it...]

Hey everyone! I know things have been really crazy recently, but if you have a chance [pause] and are in someplace where it's safe to do it [pause...], you should definitely go outside and take a look up at the moon! If you squint really closely, maybe you'll see Chang'e ( 嫦娥), the moon goddess who lives there, or the Jade Rabbit making medicine!

[A soft, kind of wistful laugh] At least, that's what I would say if we were at home...

Anyway, I hope all my packages made it safely, but even if it's not the same moon, you can definitely still eat the mooncake! There's 4 kinds: lotus-paste, red bean, green tea, and chocolate! Just for variety.

I included egg-yolk in a few of them, but you don't have to eat it if you don't like it.

[Oh wait...] Yeah, and I guess it's China's birthday tomorrow too.

祝你生日快樂,老師! You're still old, by the way!

Oh, and I don't care if you changed to simplified, you're still going to have to get all your greetings in traditional from me! [Yes, Taiwan did just stick her tongue out in the video. How mature.]
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[There’s no handy video today.

That flat, monotonic way Flandre’s mumbling the words out is another sign of things being…not quite right.

Cube hasn’t come back from work yet. Is he lost? Is he stuck somewhere? Cube, where are you?

[Her voice briefly rises, plaintive.]


Off-communicator actionish things )


[Later, the following is amended to the entry. Flandre doesn’t trust herself to speak without her voice tearing itself to incomprehensible sobs.]

We’ll need someone to stay with, until Cube comes back.

The house is too big.
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[When the video feed clicks on of it's own accord, Ilyana can be seen in a clearing in the captain's park, staring at a massive plant monster. This staring contest seems to go on for a few minutes until it fires a seed at her, which Ilyana promptly ducks to avoid. That's when Ilyana pulls out a massive book with a lightning bolt on the cover.]


[To those of you who may have heard Leanne speak, this is the ancient tongue that Ilyana is speaking. As if out of nowhere, a massive storm cloud appears and rains lightning down from the heavens. The plant like monster is blasted with enough lightning to burn it to almost nothing but ash.]

I... I can't believe it... it worked? But... how? How did I get my powers back?

[The video feed shuts off at this point.

A few hours later, the device turns on again and Ilyana can be seen sorting through plants.]

If anyone needs potions or the like... I'm going to start making some now that I seem to have my powers back. If anyone has any herbs or other exotic materials they'd be willing to part with, I'm certain something good can come of it. Also... I'll accept payment in the form of food or enormous quantities of raw materials for my potions. I could also use paper, quills, ink, and wood... preferably carved into the form of a staff.

[Ilyana doubles over as if in pain before slumping over to lie on the ground for a few minutes]

But first... does anyone have any food they can spare me? ... Please?

(ooc: Feel free to talk to Ilyana during the first or second parts of the post. For those of you who prefer action posts, Ilyana is in discedo at the Captain's Park.)
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[ The following post and all subsequent comments by [personal profile] spectavi are broadcasting up on your communicators. Characters may comment to this post, but it will not be seen on the broadcast, nor will the characters of [personal profile] spectavi receive the comments. Much like watching television. ]

Discedo: Channel 8 news, broadcasting live!.
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[She had known almost immediately upon waking that everything was not as it had been the night before. For starters, she was no longer the proper gender. If that wasn’t odd enough, closer inspection revealed that the body she now resided in belonged to someone else, someone familiar. If their encounters had been relatively brief.

How fascinating.

When she finally picks up the communicator, residents of Fortuna are greeted with The Doctor, dressed with an oddly feminine touch and a distinctly softer accent.

As much as I appreciate having the opportunity to fully explore the opposite sex, perhaps a bit of warning, next time?

(ooc: Replies will be coming from [personal profile] ineleven.)
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[Behold! It's Ilyana wearing jeans.... and her shirt is wow. So not there. She's practically topless. There's a shirt on the arms and just covering up her nipples, but seriously a good stiff breeze is endangering her of flashing everyone.

She's also wielding a jitte two feet too big and glaring at the comm.]

I need more food and I need it now. This dumb chick passes out every two hours unless she eats enough to feed an army.

[ooc: responses will come from [personal profile] hungryhungryjustice!]
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[ Another ordinary day in Discedo. The moon(s) went down, the sun came up, the weird monsters in the forest made disturbing noises (that’s what she said). Life carried on as par usual.

What may also be in the realm of normality is the comm turning on to see France in the midst of some over emotional theatrics. Which really wasn’t all that strange really, nor was it to see a frantic America pinching (read: trying to pinch with his not-chainsaw hand) at his stomach. You get those two together and their collective stupidity is amplified. (This is why they are no longer allowed to sit next to each other at meetings. The sexual harassment suits increase and their gossiping proves a distraction no matter what the topic.)

Except it isn’t a normal day. It isn’t France’s usual histrionic temper tantrums, nor is it America’s typical bouts of self-consciousness. It’s the time space continuum/God/Loki/Andrew Hussie/the Devil (also Andrew Hussie)/the Illuminati/the Scientists/who even knows what playing a horrible, horrible joke upon the idiotic duo.

Oh, yeah, and there’s talking too. Whining, actually, and a lot of it. There’s a nasal American twang attempting to wrap itself around uniquely French words, and a horrible, croaking dialect trying to utilise hippie-bro speak.

--yeah? See how you like this! Ahem! [ France’s (read: America in France’s body) voice rises to be as obnoxiously shrill and as melodramatic as possible. The French accent impedes words that were obviously meant to have a Southern twang to it, so really he sounds like a drunk who just got jaw surgery. ] Ohonhonhon, bonjour Discedo! I’m France, of course you all know me as the resident harassment lawsuit waiting to happen and bear impersonator--and how easy they are to impersonate! Look at my hairy chest! The unshaven fuzz around lips that don’t know when vowels are supposed to end and new words begin! If you look closely, maybe you can see a little bit of omelette in it, or the baguette I’ve stashed inside it for later.

Arrêtes! Maintenant, [ “Ah-ret”, “Man-teh-nant”, ] Stop it! This is horrible, this is the worst thing that has happened yet! I thought that this would be a nice break from l’Angleterre, except now I have to deal with you! [ Two can play at this game, Americance. Crossed arms fall to his sides and the ‘heroic!!!’ nation strikes a pose, arms akimbo, chin up, hands on his hips with a look of victory written across his features. And for the one and only time in his life, Framerica can do a proper imitation of a terrible Texan accent: ] My name is America and I’m the hero!!! ☆☆☆☆ I like to take credit for things that I have not done and meddle in everyone else’s business! Also I think I look like a sexy man like Johnny Depp but in all actuality, I resemble the back end of a pig! Oh and my food, my food is the worst part about me! I like to eat lard out of buckets with a spoon!

[ Americance’s retort is to pull a rose out of his pants. I presume France’s body already had pants on them (or if they didn’t America had to put some on so he would stop staring at France’s dick, and you just know this argument is going to end in a literal dick measuring contest). He brings it up to under his nose, tries to strike a pose only seen in the streets of Paris and in animes, but he falters and makes a face. ]

Discedo, I would just like you to know that I am a literal bed of roses, and they all smell like sweaty dick. Which, by the way, doesn’t quite measure up to America’s. Ohonhonshootmenow this fucking laugh. I wish I could stop, I really do.

[ Framerica, at this point, has had just about enough of Americance’s jeers, and he all but jumps at the other nation, knocking him out of his chair. On his way down Americance lets out a yelp. As soon as he hits the floor, he’s making odd noises, somewhere between howling with fury and cackling. The upshot is in their current bodies, France could beat the shit out of America. The downside is, of course, France was gonna feel that pummelling when they fixed this.

Which they were going to do. Because like hell France was gonna be fat forever.

As America is getting his face pounded in, all sorts of squawking noises are coming out of his newly French mouth and, even worse, more insults and mocking. Things along the line of “Careful France! I know you wanna enjoy my hot body but this is bordering on something even incest is gonna shake its head at!” and “Not so rough, I don’t wanna catch something!” and “THIS IS HOW YOU GET PEOPLE PREGNANT! I DON’T KNOW NOTHIN’ ‘BOUT BIRTHIN’ NO BABIES!” as well as the ever classic “Help! Help! I’m being oppressed!” Wait, Holy Grail wasn’t made in the 1960s? Neither were chainsaw hands. Don’t question me.

Let it never be said that America has an outstanding sense of self-preservation. (Either that or he simply likes the idea of France’s face getting marred by his own outrage. It’s a funny thought. That may be why even amongst his grimaces and attempts to fight back, a grin occasionally flickers on his face.)

So after maybe two or three punches, the Frenchman-trapped-in-a-living-fat-suit rolls off of the American-trapped-in-a-twink-suit and falls back on the ground, heaving, angry, frustrated, and disgusted with the other man. Only then does it occur to him that heyyy, this communicator is on! Right now! Recording!

Putain! Mon Descartes, c’est quoi putain?!

[ At which point you can hear America muttering in the background: ] Stop using my voice to summon the legions of Hell. I’m not leading a demon army nowhere. You get Sherman back in charge, then we’ll talk.

[ Framerica scrambles to grab the communicator, and shuts it off.

Then hurls it at Americance. But no one else gets to see that.
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[Well that sure isn't Vaati.

"Crocker" is looking extremely grumpy, and also wearing the most flamboyantly pink shirt to ever exist.]

Whoever is responsible for this, you'd best undo it now. I will not be made to live in this... this pathetic human body! I demand retribution!

Goddesses, it's annoying enough that my magic has been sealed, trapping me in his hideous form is just adding insult to injury!


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