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32nd Dream [Accidental Voice *Japanese*]

[The voice feature turns on and the first thing you hear is frantic screaming. The thing is if you can't speak Japanese, you won't understand a damn word she is saying. If you do understand...]

Leave me alone! Stop looking at me like that!

[She's panting and breathing heavily, screams turning into sniffles.]

I didn't kill them...it was the other one...! I'm innocent!

N-no, please don't come any closer! GET AWAY!!

[And the feed ends.]
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Can you please die more quietly?
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Ahhh, perfect, silence just like that~
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because he's enjoying his first yogurt in years i wouldn't be surprised if he'd gotten one

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Are you alright?

[ Seemingly a pointless question but in this place it's worth asking. ]
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[ Notice how he continues on with all the tact and grace of a bull in a china shop. At least he means well, at the moment. ]

Everyone heard some strange things. Tell me if you are currently safe or not.
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[ ... ]

Ah, an understandable question.

Do you require help getting home?
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It doesn't sound as if you're being attacked now, so I assume you aren't in immediate danger. Were you attacked before, then?
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... Some form of yourself is responsible?
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Are you, though.
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Re: piss off hurr hurr

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That's not much of an answer...
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[Now things were really getting interesting. At this point in time it was usually to Izaya's advantage to just sit back and watch but the informant couldn't help but feel a rather mild (if not morbid) curiosity as to what was going on...

...and rather or not it could be more fun for him.]

Who did you kill?

[Was that the wrong thing to say?]
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Did they trust you to save them rather than hurt them?

[Try being boring and he might.]

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[Perhaps the girl had hoped by merely throwing her phone away she could avoid the pain which still assaulted her. Or perhaps she had hoped it would just make Izaya hang up. Unfortunately for her though neither would be happening.

Even if she refused to speak to him he could still find endless enjoyment in listening in on her shrieks, cries, and sobs.

It was an emotional show which was more quite rare to witness firsthand. Others tried to hide such displays, to shamefully repress them until it came out in secret away from prying eyes and ears. So of course Izaya would have to listen in.

Let the girl think she was alone with her demons and the informant would take his pleasure in the symphony of her pain.]


[What a predictable, precious human. Cowering away in her little hole away from others.

Izaya would have loved to stir your pain a little more if only you had not been so obvious as to your intentions.]
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[Voice- Japanese]

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Hey...Are you okay?

[There is a pause before she sighs]

Ya know what....Where are ya?
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[Voice- Japanese-> Action]

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On my way. Just stay there okay? It won't take me long ta get there. I'll keep the connection on just in case.

[There is the sound of her going out the window because Marisa barely uses the door around here. True to her word, she leaves it on, letting the sounds of the wind come across.]


[After a while there is the sound of light footsteps outside of the door. There is a small knock and the door opening slightly before opening all the way, showing the witch without her hat for once in the door.]

Hey...Are ya in here?
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[Marisa leans the broom in her hand against the wall and heads to the corner very carefully. She kneels beside Sora and gently puts a hand on her shoulder. Good thing blood really doesn't bother her too much. Spells that do not require blood are few and far between so yeah.]

Hey...It's okay. Let's get ya out of here.
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Sorry for what? What happened?

[She isn't taking that hand away. She wants to make sure Sora is okay.]

It's not safe here anyways...Where do ya live at?

[She's pulling up the map with her free hand, her eyes darting back and forth between Sora and the door.]
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[WELL- This is going no where fast. She puts the device away and stands, taking Sora's arm in her free hand. She is going to attempt to pull the other girl up and lead her out. Of course, any resistance will probably make this fail.]

Come on...We'll go to my apartment until ya feel up ta going home okay...? I'll watch out for ya.
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[Marisa just leads the girl out of the room, grabbing her broom on the way out, heading to the roof instead of the ground floor. Once there, she gets the broom to float and smiles a bit.]

Alright, On the broom and we can get ta my apartment and when ya feel up ta it, I can get ya back where ya go okay? Or someone can come get ya.

[She frowns a little bit. What the heck happened to get this girl so quiet?]
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[ Of course, another day, another weird happening here-- ]

Sora, calm down. [ Her voice is still pretty calm, even now, but there's something more firm about it. ] I doubt you could even kill a fly, so what's going on?
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[ So it's even more serious than usually, huh? Dammit, these scientists.. ]

Sora..! [ Now she's finally raising her voice for once, if not just because she wants to pull the other girl's attention. ]
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[ Somehow this is more frustrating than anything else -- even Sora just being normally stubborn is better than this, as if she doesn't even hear her in general. So she just sighs, but it's more half-frustrated than anything else. ]
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voice ▶ japanese

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( before yuki even makes a noise, she takes a deep breath and holds back a tear. )

Sora-Chan....What's going on?
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Sora-chan, please calm down. What happened?
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( oh god. yuki's been killed twice now, her other friends too...)

What did you do? How could you?
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Wait what?

( her eyes narrow slightly. )

Sora-chan....they aren't dead. They went home.