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008 ❃ Video

((When the feed clicks on, all you see are Sakura's shoes. It... seems that she's dropped her communicator, but she makes no motion to pick it up.))

No... no way... He...

((There's a choked sound. Her feet push forward and they disappear from the screen. In their place a pair of glasses are dropped. Faintly, you may hear her calling out: shizuo?? Shizuo!! Where are you?!))

does anyone know how long shizuo has been gone for?
Like a couple of days or a week or a month or i have no idea.

((Meanwhile, she's just going to reside in his apartment, on the couch, basically crying off and on for the rest of today.))
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Nestling? What is wrong?

[She thought that she heard a familiar name in the background but...]

Shall I come over?
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[Okay, maternal instincts are kicking in full force and she can't really ignore that text.]

I will be over soon....Just wait and I will be there. [To give you hugs and songs.]
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[Too late as she already shifted into her heron form and is currently on her way over.]

Just wait there for me. You shouldn't have to go through this alone.
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i'm not sure how long it's been
feels like it's getting harder to keep track of time around here
he just disappeared

[ Yeah, it's not been a super great month. ]
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i don't think they care about that
to be totally honest
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yeah i can't even imagine why that is
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sorry it kind of was
sarcasm i mean
but yeah it's kinda hard figuring out what motivates them or anything
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yeah figuring pretty much anything out would be kinda great right?
it'd help