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[The voice feature turns on and the first thing you hear is frantic screaming. The thing is if you can't speak Japanese, you won't understand a damn word she is saying. If you do understand...]

Leave me alone! Stop looking at me like that!

[She's panting and breathing heavily, screams turning into sniffles.]

I didn't kill them...it was the other one...! I'm innocent!

N-no, please don't come any closer! GET AWAY!!

[And the feed ends.]
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Okay so I think theres something wrong with the doors dont use the doors

just stay out

[ ...That's the entire message.

Jack's normally a more talkative guy, isn't he? Maybe today he just needs some pestering. ]
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[ The message kicks in, starting out at a low buzz and growing louder in time. Faintly, two men are heard in the midst of a discussion, but their voices are hushed. As the sound grows louder, it becomes more apparent who's speaking. ]

I... I'm sure about this. There's just... We've been g- given this job, and the others are… I mean...

[ Another voice. To those who went on the town exploration, it should seem familiar. Very familiar. If you can imagine the stuttering, panicked man you met speaking with a firm tone, you'll be able to hazard the man's identity. ]

You were given this job? And just who gave it to you? Face it: you're clinging to a dream you've already tried and failed to achieve. It's a pathetic venture that wastes everyone's time.

W-well, yes; n- no. They... I've go to make sure they come in and out. If I... I leave this post, then they're stuck.

Then just leave it open. You're a smart guy, aren't you?[ Under the compliment is a biting threat. An accusation. ] Surely you could... put a foot in the door to prevent it from swinging closed, so to speak. Leave it open for them a crack. If they manage to wedge it open and make a break for freedom... well that would be no one's fault.

... As if accidental? [ his tone seems to consider it. ]

Completely by accident. [ Who knew someone could sound so assuring and so smug at the same time. ]

[ There's a long, contemplative silence. The feed is fading out again, but if you listen closely, it sounds as though a machine is powering up. Click. Click. Whiiirrrrr. ]

[ OOC: And thus officially starts the second event! There will be no responses coming from the Scientists but you are free to respond/mingle with one another in the post! ]
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[BZZZZZZZT--] Oh, wow. That was fuckin' wonderful, really. [and embarrassing. mostly embarrassing. everything is.] I'd insert more curses 'bout how much I hate this place an' a good chunk 'a the fuckers in it, but hey! I need a doc to take out my chip, stat.

I'll even throw a 'please' out there.

An' if yer wonderin', yeah. I was completely innocent in... that. Whatever the fuck that was. Stabbed right in the back, both figuratively 'n literally. Screw you, Sasuke. Screw. You. AN' WHOEVER STOLE MY SWORD 'N GODDAMN MASK. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT EVEN. WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT.
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Hey everyone, it's Marco. [You know, in case you couldn't tell from him being... Marco :|]

This actually took a little longer than I meant it to, but a couple of my maps got trashed, and then I nearly lost them when we moved and then I had to get the right kind of bottles--

[Wait. None of you needed to know that. Scratch that and ignore.]

Ah that is -- [Dramatic extra pirate-y mode get!] -- ARRR! Listen up me hearties and mateys alike! Around the port o' call: Discedo, there be buried treasures just waiting to be found and dug up! I have 'ere on me six treasure maps, and there be telling what gold lies at 'dem ends of rainbows wherein treasure marrrrks the spot! [He's trying really hard. Pirates in his world don't talk like this, okay? He has to guess what people think pirates sounds like and fill it in from imagination.]

Be ye daring enough to give these clever puzzles an attempt and earn the treasure and stake yer rightful claim to it?

And if not, then this is just a reminder that the Northern Lights is still operating and a lot more fully stocked. Bring me treasure, more drinks, or whatever you can. If nothing else, food can go to other people or the soup kitchen. We also take blood. [Bloody Mary's and all that. Okay no, that's not why, but if you ask he will claim it is.]

Now get hunting! Come get yer treasure maps and team up to split the treasure! Ev'ryone playing must have at least one sturdy nakama with 'im or 'er to ensure their victory!

ooc information on the treasure hunts )
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[This melody will be heard throughout the network. Listen to the sad, yet beautiful music. When the song ends, it becomes quiet, but only for a moment.]

Do you all truly know who you are? [He's in a rather philosophical mood today.] I mean not your name, but who you are. Do you know your true worth?

[Unseen by the network, he's sitting by the window of his and Stocking's apartment, looking up at the evening sky.]
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[Hopefully by now, most people on Fortuna have somehow received a prettily wrapped package containing four different varieties of home-made mooncake outside their doorstep. Those within Discedo had them hand-delivered; everyone else...hope they made it...]

Hey everyone! I know things have been really crazy recently, but if you have a chance [pause] and are in someplace where it's safe to do it [pause...], you should definitely go outside and take a look up at the moon! If you squint really closely, maybe you'll see Chang'e ( 嫦娥), the moon goddess who lives there, or the Jade Rabbit making medicine!

[A soft, kind of wistful laugh] At least, that's what I would say if we were at home...

Anyway, I hope all my packages made it safely, but even if it's not the same moon, you can definitely still eat the mooncake! There's 4 kinds: lotus-paste, red bean, green tea, and chocolate! Just for variety.

I included egg-yolk in a few of them, but you don't have to eat it if you don't like it.

[Oh wait...] Yeah, and I guess it's China's birthday tomorrow too.

祝你生日快樂,老師! You're still old, by the way!

Oh, and I don't care if you changed to simplified, you're still going to have to get all your greetings in traditional from me! [Yes, Taiwan did just stick her tongue out in the video. How mature.]
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[There's cackling as "Terezi" switches to video. The screen is kind of blurry though because there's saliva all over the screen. Guess who's been liking their communicator.]

Why can't all of you just type in red? It would be the most delicious network since whenever networks were made!

But come and try and one up that delicious, cherry red. At worst, you will get a "YOU TRIED" from me. Hehehe.

Also, my friends should check in. Especially Dave and Karkat! I want to know if you two got switched so I can laugh at you. Maybe Karkat got swapped with his Prinny. I think I can handle a Karkat saying "dood" for awhile. It's better than his insistent ranting about possums!

[OOC: Dave swapped with Terezi, but he can never not use this as a chance to troll.]
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[She really needs to keep this damn thing away so it doesn't record crazy things. Like trying to control an out of control chocobo that is really pissed off at the moment. But what they see is not a girl but rather this:

For those who have no knowledge of what the heck is going on, that's Sora trying to calm down Klunk while stuck in the body of the bird's most hated person.]

Klunk, you know it's me! Please don't give me that look!

[And Klunk screeches as he raises a foot, attempting to attack "him" but just dodges out of the way. Instead, Sora jumps onto the bird's back and well...things led to another and there is a bucking chocobo running around Dissimulo followed by the screams of this weirdo. Mostly 'KLUNK STOP' or 'HEEL'.]

(OOC: Yep, Sora swapped with the resident watch line facer! Replies will come after an hour and under [personal profile] istheknightnow!)
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[ The camera flickers on when Shizuo seems to be rolling out of bed.

Half-asleep, he drags his face off of his pillow and grunts as he moves to sit up groggily, reaching up to scratch at his chest and yawn.

It takes him a few moments to realize that he's wading in the sweatpants he had worn to bed, secured dangerously loose around pale hips on do not belong to him. Blinking hard, eyes sensitive to the light, he rubs at them in disbelief and then stares at his hands.

And stares.
] What... [ Annnd stares. ] The... fuck...? [ Startled to high hell, he's picking up the recording communicator and staring into the screen, hoping to catch a glimpse of his reflection. His eyes widen and he nearly drops the thing.

The image shakes and it's obvious he's running, slamming the bathroom door open. And then he drops it when he sees Izaya staring back at him, chest rising and falling as he tries to remember how to breathe properly.



[ About thirty minutes later Shizuo regains some semblance of calm.

Meaning, he hasn't calmed down at all and is currently stomping down the stairwell, tugging firmly on the drawstrings of his sweatpants, ready to give that flea a piece of his mind. Because when something went wrong, when situations got to the point where they were out of control, Izaya was the culprit.

Standing in front of Latimir 404, directly a floor down from his apartment, Shizuo pitches his leg back and goes to kick the door down. His toe meet the base of the door - really all he'd need to do normally was tap it and it'd buckle in - and stops.

Immediately, he drops to take a knee, holding his foot in his hand with a pained sound he hasn't heard himself make in months.

Knock knock, Izaya, your body has returned home.

*Note: The account "flearidden" will be used.
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[The feed opens to Namine sitting on the bed in her and America's apartment, looking up from it's position on the bed to show Namine's face and her sketchbook lying on the bed, with colored pencils strewn about. She looks pretty pleased, and moves the communicator to show a view of her sketchbook. She moves it back to her face before she starts talking.]

I was warming up by drawing myself, and I think it looks good so far! I still can't draw hands, though.

Does anyone want me to draw them? I'd love to get more practice!

[ooc: yes i will actually do this i'm so sorry world]
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[The feed flips around for awhile as the person on the other side struggles to make it work, muttering strange-sounding curses under his breath, among other angry things.

Finally, he realizes he got it to work.]
Ah, wonderful. So that's how this tablet works, hmm? What a strange little thing, I can't even feel a trace of magic inside it. Whoever enchanted this scrying device must have been an incredibly weak sorcerer.

Now[And so the angry ranting begins.]

I don't know who you are or why you've brought me here, but you've picked both a poor time and a rude execution! Perhaps you've heard of my power, or perhaps you simply don't know what it is you're doing. Whatever the case may be, reverse it at once.

Do you have any idea what kind of power you're trifling with here?! I am not just any demon! No, I am more than a demon now, my power extends to the heavens themselves! I am the new God of this world! Tremble before me, you foolish mortals! Perhaps if your cowering amuses me, I will think to spare your sad, pitiful lives!

And while you're down there cowering, you can reverse this blasted spell you've put on me, or I'll curse the whole lot of you! I'll turn you all into tiny insects and crush you beneath my feet! So hurry it up, I'm getting impatient!
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[There's a little bit of feedback before the comm clicks to life, followed by some shuffling.]

America, putting me outside while I was asleep wasn't funny! It's not a good joke... whatever I did, it was an accident! If this is about the bath, you needed it!

Wait, it was raining before... but it's not even wet. I was by this street yesterday, and it looks much better now.

... Ah, sorry to be a bother, but can anyone tell me what's going on?


Aug. 22nd, 2012 12:31 pm
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 Alright chumps listen up, because I'm only going to say this once:

I need to know a few things---When was the last time you got a physical, and why the hell have you waited so long to get another one? Especially in a place like this. Just look around, because who knows what god awful diseases are allowed to run rampant and unnoticed here.

Secondly, medical personnel. I need your attention and make it snappy. I'm going to need to meet up with all of you, preferably all at the same time--You know, like a board meeting in the depths of hell. So get your asses over here so we can set up a date that's good for all of us, and get a move on. This isn't something that can wait.
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[Here's someone you haven't seen in awhile: your friendly neighborhood acrobat-turned-nurse! Funny that she vanished when the resident grumpy doctor did the same except this one came back. There's just one problem:

She's dirty, bloody, and some parts of her arms and legs are wrapped with make shift bandages. And when I say 'make shift', I mean ripped off parts of her shirt. She ran out of the house with nothing except her communicator (the thing followed her) so equipment? Nope, grabbed none. And where was she this week? Deep in the woods outside of town. REALLY DEEP.

Her steps were sluggish and choppy, like she didn't eat for a day or three. Then the device falls out of her hand, she obviously didn't give a shit about it and stopped in the middle of the town.

Where she suddenly slumped and passed out.]

((OOC: If replying by communicator, Sora will respond within a few hours. Commander HerpDerp will 'rescue' her but anyone doing action are welcome to find her after getting out of the middle of the street.))
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[That is a wonderful video feed of...dirt. That is. Dirt. By golly, dirt sure is interesting.

The sound of scratching is heard and you can guess that whatever Dave is doing, it's dragging the phone across the ground.
] Jesus dicks. How the flying fuck does this even work.

Hey, uh. This is on right? I'm pretty much fucked if it isn't. If anyone can come pick me up, I'm in the cemetery. I'm basically a sitting duck right now. Haha, that's actually kind of ironic right now. But yeah. John? Actually, anyone really. It would be pretty much the most appreciated thing since slice bread if I could get some help.

[There's a long line of cussing and some stumbling noises followed by a thud.] So, I'll just chit chat with you guys while I wait for my ride. I'm totally missing an entire days worth of time and hey, today I woke up part chicken. I think this is going to be a pretty swell week. And by swell, I mean really shitty.

[OOC: Dave is back from an anonymous chip removal! He's part bird for the week.]


Jul. 31st, 2012 03:28 pm
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[Normally, the woman wouldn’t use the video function to address the masses but after what happened, it wasn’t anything. However, she looked extremely tired as if she was doing more than her share of the work…or in this case, trying to get a good location of Jeremy. That sneaky son of a bitch.]

I must apologize for what happened recently. Myself and the others had no knowledge of what that man was doing and in potentially harming you.

[Despite keeping a straight face, if someone paid really close attention, they could see that Jackie’s lips were twitching slightly. Yeah, she was pissed.]

I regret to inform you that the so called letters from your friends were nothing more than a sham, meant to lure you out to a dangerous place. As for the reasoning, I don’t know. Just remember that the man who calls himself Jeremy is someone not to be trusted no matter what. Do not let him fool you with words of hope because they’re nothing but illusions.

[She relaxes her shoulders and slightly looks off to the side before focusing on the camera again.]

I feel like you should know this and with this previous encounter, there’s a good reason for it. For those who have the medical skills, what I’m about to tell you is very important and I will only repeat it once:

It’s obvious the nulling chip has moved. It’s in the left ear now. So be extremely careful when removing it.

[And as quickly as the message started, it turned off.]
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[The video turns on and it shows Marisa sitting at the edge of a building, reading over a letter. Her face is hidden by both her hat and her hair. The hand not holding the letter though, is shaking and the hand in clenched in a fist, The only indication something is wrong. She looks towards the device and her face is blank but her eyes show her anger.]

I don't know the deal with this but this only hurts you more than us.

You have Reimu. To tease us? To torment us? Just to piss us off? Fine.

[A smile crosses her face. To those who know her well, that is the smile she gets when she's about to spark you right in your face.]

You made a mistake.

[With that, the video cuts out]


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