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[ The message kicks in, starting out at a low buzz and growing louder in time. Faintly, two men are heard in the midst of a discussion, but their voices are hushed. As the sound grows louder, it becomes more apparent who's speaking. ]

I... I'm sure about this. There's just... We've been g- given this job, and the others areā€¦ I mean...

[ Another voice. To those who went on the town exploration, it should seem familiar. Very familiar. If you can imagine the stuttering, panicked man you met speaking with a firm tone, you'll be able to hazard the man's identity. ]

You were given this job? And just who gave it to you? Face it: you're clinging to a dream you've already tried and failed to achieve. It's a pathetic venture that wastes everyone's time.

W-well, yes; n- no. They... I've go to make sure they come in and out. If I... I leave this post, then they're stuck.

Then just leave it open. You're a smart guy, aren't you?[ Under the compliment is a biting threat. An accusation. ] Surely you could... put a foot in the door to prevent it from swinging closed, so to speak. Leave it open for them a crack. If they manage to wedge it open and make a break for freedom... well that would be no one's fault.

... As if accidental? [ his tone seems to consider it. ]

Completely by accident. [ Who knew someone could sound so assuring and so smug at the same time. ]

[ There's a long, contemplative silence. The feed is fading out again, but if you listen closely, it sounds as though a machine is powering up. Click. Click. Whiiirrrrr. ]

[ OOC: And thus officially starts the second event! There will be no responses coming from the Scientists but you are free to respond/mingle with one another in the post! ]

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