May. 31st, 2012

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Look what I found!

[Luke moves the communicator to reveal an armful of cute little white blobs. They bear a striking resemblance to the Professor, little Luke, big Luke, and Flora. Luke himself looks like he's stopped by the Drug Store - not because he needs anything, but because he's pretty sure he was being followed on his way home.]

They don't look harmful, and they were out here all by themselves. I couldn't just leave them out here with all the monsters. Anyway, I should be home soon - oof!

[Luke falls to the ground without warning, the communicator falling out of his reach. He grunts as he tries to stand up, only to find that he can't move his legs.]


[The Mochis scatter as Luke tries to crawl towards the communicator, trying not to panic why can't he move his legs! To make matters worse, a strange plant with sharp teeth sprouts out of the ground and lunges forward. It stops inches from Luke, teeth snapping. While it doesn't look like it can move any closer, it doesn't stop Luke from freaking out and trying to back away.]



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