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☆-06 [Video]

[The video turns on and it shows Marisa sitting at the edge of a building, reading over a letter. Her face is hidden by both her hat and her hair. The hand not holding the letter though, is shaking and the hand in clenched in a fist, The only indication something is wrong. She looks towards the device and her face is blank but her eyes show her anger.]

I don't know the deal with this but this only hurts you more than us.

You have Reimu. To tease us? To torment us? Just to piss us off? Fine.

[A smile crosses her face. To those who know her well, that is the smile she gets when she's about to spark you right in your face.]

You made a mistake.

[With that, the video cuts out]
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[ video ]

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[ Ange recognizes the letter very well - she's got one too, after all. And she understands the emotions too, even if she seems much more awfully calm about it, a complete pokerface. ]

These letters.. do you think they're real?
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Yeah, I was thinking they look real in every way as well, but somehow I can't feel there isn't something suspicious about us getting all of these at the same time.

[ ... ] That doesn't mean I'm not annoyed at them all the same though for pulling this on us.
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Oh, don't worry. I completely agree with you on that one. If I get the chance, I'll punch them for pulling a joke this lame on us.

Using them against us, even if it's just a lie.. it's unacceptable.
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Yeah, I'll be going too. Not because I believe they really captured these people, but I want to see why they want us to go there so badly. [ a shrug. ] Even if it's a trap, we'll just fight our way out of there.
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[ he's heard a bunch of messages like this over the last few days, but he hasn't really commented on any of them. but he does know marisa pretty alright by this point, and he's been thinking... ]

Marisa, listen, I don't know if the letters are...[ a pause ] I don't think they're real.
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[ he sighs ] Yeah, it's just- I got a message from this girl I know, right? I'd go out and help her in a heartbeat.

But she'd never send me a message, ever. I don't think even if she was in trouble. It just doesn't seem right.
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I...I still don't know. Last time we went on one of these exploration things it didn't really work out. [ he laughs nervously at the end of the sentence ] But you should go if you really want to.
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If you say so. Uh, be careful, though.
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And, uh, see if you can send us any messages when you get there! I'd just worry about stuff going on over there, y'know.
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Oh- do you know Flandre, then? You guys do seem like you'd be from the same world!

Anyway, uh...[ a pause ] The girl who sent be the letter- I mean, apparently- she's got long black hair, sort of gunky eyes? They're kind of hard to describe.
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That's cool. I've never had anybody else from my world here, so that must be pretty nice.

And thanks. Really, it means a lot.
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Yeah. I wouldn't know the feeling, since I haven't seen anybody from my world, but that's probably what I'd think too.