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[15th: anything]

... so, did the scientists screw something up again? 'Cause there's a hell of a lot more people here than before.

[ooc: placeholder post! also 4th wall, attack Luffy with whatever you want.]


[Last time something like this got posted, it wasn't on purpose. THIS TIME, it clearly is. Cut ooc for sheer TL;DR though hopefully it'll be entertaining and your character may even be involved (without their IC permission. Marco does that.)]

No one saying do this, no one saying be there, no one saying stop that, no one saying SEE HERE )

[Marco will also put up some banners and cooked a bunch of Mad Cow meat on a bone for Luffy, because what's the moral without reality to back it up. Or something. Anyways, happy birthday bro.]
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[14th: voice] backdated to the afternoon of the 25th

[Luffy's voice comes on not too long after docking back in Discedo, but his usual enthusiasm is definitely not there. His voice is a bit serious, yet with a tang of guilt in there.]

Hey everyone, it's Luffy. I'm just checking in to see that you guys got the medical attention or rest you need. [He'll rest in his own room soon. He's silent for a bit longer, and then begins to speak again.]

And... I'm sorry I couldn't keep us all safe. I'll try harder next time, I promise--! [It's hard to tell if he's reassuring himself or the others. But his voice cracks slightly, and he just has one last thing to say.]

I'm... really, really sorry for the people who died.

[And now he's going to just go to his apartment and stay there for a while.]

Private call to Marco )
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seventeen - voice/action, DISCEDO (backdated to early morning 21st)

[ When Jack woke up in the hospital Friday night, he tried to sleep it off.

Of course, you can't sleep up being brought back from the dead, but he was so delirious at the time he didn't know any better- for a second he thought he'd had a bad dream of some sort and his head hurt, so he just rolled over in the bed again. It wasn't until he woke up again some hours later that he felt fine enough to realize this was not the great outdoors.

So, if you feel like turning on your communicator at 2 in the morning, you'll be greeted with a deep shaky breath- more of a "brr" than anything, judging from the weather ]

...Hey, uh, is anybody who works at the hospital still here? I mean, not on the exploration thing. I think there might be some people who need help. [ he's actually the only one- he just hasn't realized it yet. ] Oh, if you're from the exploration...where are you? I'll come find you.

[ ooc: Anybody worried should be able to find him on the third floor of the hospital, room 310. Though he might walk around a bit ]

( video; english )

[ America has been lying low ever since his little "excursion" with Tatsumi. Part of it is because it's pretty awkward to face up to doing terrible things, even if they weren't done by choice, even though he had no control in almost every sense. No matter what though, it's always hard to deal with the consequences of hurting those you care about. So he hasn't. He's been content to sit numbly at home and keep himself together.

But there's another reason.

America now wears a grin that's mostly reminiscent of his usual ones: cocky, self-assured, triumphant. Look closely though--look at the dark circles under his eyes, the healing bite marks on his neck, the bruises, and suddenly that sharp edge to his smile seems a little off.

Two weeks! Two whole freaking weeks and there ain't hide or hair of the bastard left! Discedo, I've done the impossible: I've solved your vampire problem. Let this be a lesson to all creatures of the day, night, or otherwise who are getting any ideas about going toe-to-toe with Hero of Hegemony!

[ It is at this point that he holds up his right hand. It's not a hand. It's a chainsaw.

Let's let that sink in: America has lost his hand and now he has a chainsaw in its place.

America has a chainsaw hand. And it works.

This is a travesty against all things sane. A beautiful, stupidly glorious travesty.


[ The chainsaw is turned on to accompany his near-maniacal laughter for an extra dramatic effect. Bruce Campbell would be proud of this display of lunacy.

After a bit he finally calms down. The smile remains on his face, but it seems a little more forced.

Gonna guess being dead for two weeks means he's staying dead for good. All those safe measures I took to make him stay dead, it damn well better work. [ Because if it doesn't... well, he's not sure what he'll do. His smile falters a moment, then comes back a little sadder. ]

And, uh... to y'all that are wonderin', and the ones who saw me... that night. I'll talk! Dunno how ready I am, but it ain't like I'm gonna get any more ready, right? Point is, I'm okay now, you're okay now, everything's okay!

[ Except he's really not. Hell if he'll talk about that though. ]

Oh! And if anyone knows where my hand went, lemme know! Stupid thing keeps running off on me.

[ Everyone might want to check under their covers tonight. You know, just in case a sentient severed hand happens to be there 8))) Why do I write these things what is wrong with me.

Also on a quick ooc note! I'm still chipping away at the event log, but if you have any questions about outcomes with your character/plotting/whatev, just drop me a line through PM or plurk or whatever mode of communication is comfortable for you!
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audio | Chip Event (Forward dated to April 1st)

[Coming from China's comm today is a series of random notes from his bamboo flute. Doesn't sound like the usual expertise he displays. What about the whole "changing color phenomenon"? Well, he's already had his freak out, so now he's feeling slightly better. Then... you may or may not hear the sound of him taking in a big breath before--]


[The flute makes a very high pitch cry as China blows all his air into the instrument. Then, again, comes the--]


[He keeps doing it. Taking a deep breath. Blowing with all his might into the instrument. Hopefully no one becomes deaf because of him.]

[OOC: As a result from getting his chip removed, China's become a child again, a child who can't speak or understand any language besides his own. All tags will be answered with [personal profile] not4000yet. (Forgot, can't comment with that account since it isn't part of the discedo community.) This is only the first phase of the chip after effects. Feel free to yell at him, or whatever you like!]
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[013: voice --> video/action for his apartment]

--CHOO! [After that sneeze, the sound of EVERYTHING falling over can be heard. And then groaning.]

Shit, I don't wanna pick it all up... [The shuffling of feet is heard (very lazy shuffling), and then a flop sound. And whining. After a few minutes of silence, a gag sound is heard.]

Aw, dammit! Ugh, this su-- [Thumping is heard, and then... well, throwing up. Luffy then continues to groan and whine more. He coughs a bit, and his voice gets closer and then a loud thud is heard and the comm switches to video. Luffy looks down at his arm, stretch all the way to floor, hitting the comm. He moans untl his arm snaps back into place.]

This is sooooo annoyiiiiiiing. I hate being sick.
[He grabs a blanket or two and just rolls up on the couch, comm in hand. He rests his chin on a pillow and looks to the camera, slightly feverish.]

Anyone know how to make meat soup? [P r i o r i t i e s. He doesn't have them.]


[Oh hey guys. Everyone enjoying new superpowers? Well, while that's going on.... Have a growling gruff newbie. He looks pissed.]

"Use me"? This hardly looks like a den den mushi, and if this is a new marine model, I sure as hell didn't get the memo for it. Or I ignored it.

This is Vice Admiral Smoker, and I demand answers. Starting with where my ship and idiotic crew are. I just caught trail of Straw Hat and I intend to get back on it as soon as possible.

[He starts wandering around the city of Discedo.] Tsk. What the hell island is this anyway? Looks a little too good of shape to be Punk Hazard. [Yes, he said Discedo looks like it's in good shape in comparison... go figure.]
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[012: video/action for Discedo]

[A teenage boy comes on the screen, looking around at the dilapidated scenery of Discedo. He walked down a street or two, comm in his hand. After a few minutes, he looked down to the screen and grinned.] Oi! My meat stash better still be here! Same for the Hardy! If anyone touched either of 'em, unless your Marco or Japan or someone like that, then I'll kick your ass! [He leaned his head back and laugh through closed teeth, making a sort of hissing noise for his trademark laugh.]

Ah, damn, how long was I gone, anyway? It was probably only a day back home! Maybe less, I'm not sure. But damn, things were goin' great
! We were in an ocean of fire! [And he is going to laugh because something like that is CLEARLY FUNNY.] Shishishishi, I can't wait til we go back and see that dragon! That "Punk Hazard" place looked like a ton of fun, even if it was soooooo hot there!

Oi, who's still here, anyway?
[PRIORITIES. He totally has them.]

[010 - accidental video]

--ammit all! [The comm lands to the ground with a soft thud as Luffy punches a wall repeatedly. He continues like this for a while, and soon enough, his hands start bleeding. But he doesn't care, and simply continues punching the wall.]

Why. The. Hell. Can't. I. Protect. ANYONE!!!!! [He punches the wall harder and harder between every word, his face growing angrier and angrier. Tears come streaming down his face, but it's hard to tell if it's from sadness or pain. With a final punch, the wall crumbles away into nothing and a large hole is in it's place. Luffy stares down at the ground, panting heavily with blood dripping from his hands. He throws his head to the sky, hands over his face, and screams.]


[A piece of rock falls from what's left of the wall, lands on the comm, and shuts it off.

[[OOC: This is a post to say that Sabo left!]]

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