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[Last time something like this got posted, it wasn't on purpose. THIS TIME, it clearly is. Cut ooc for sheer TL;DR though hopefully it'll be entertaining and your character may even be involved (without their IC permission. Marco does that.)]

This is the story about a lion. A lion who just couldn't wait to be king.

This is not the story of how he became king, because that one is way too long and someone else will probably do it better in the future when it could actually be told without giving away the ending.

No, this is the story of how one day Loofy the Lion wound up on a whole other world. Not to be confused with the whole New World, which is an ocean he also went to, just to make that clear.

You see, on top of being a lion and a lion king in training, he was also a space alien. Or maybe a troll. Or maybe he was both. Yes, the only way he could be more any more awesome is if he was a pirate too. And rumors persist that he might have even been that too. They're just rumors though, and you know what kind of damage Careless Talk can cause.

The lion and his straw hat made a lot of new alien friends, in all sorts of crazy order. [AKA: Marco doesn't know the order Luffy met any of you, and he doesn't care to make one up and write it in. Deal with it.]

There was Plum Blossom and Miss Heather. Fairy God-brother, who was in fact, by a long series of familial relations, also Loofy's fairy god-brother. Sora the Starling often came to Loofy's aid and rescue. But not as often as Hero-Man, the bravest hero possibly ever! Together they all traveled around that other world and looked for what it means to be King of the lions: to have the most freedom possible!

The land they had to traverse had many kinds of monsters. Some cute and friendly, others not so much, but being on the way to becoming the Lion King, Loofy befriended them all anyway!

Still all was not always well in this whole other world. Or even very often. For aside from hellish monsters and beasts, there roamed the infamous Rainbow Drinker! A truly fearsome monster, part wolf, part bat, all rainbow drinker! If it weren't for his horrible obsession with leopard prints he'd truly be a man among men.

One day Loofy the Lion went wandering through the woods bringing meat cookies to his Fairy God Brother. That was when he was waylaid by the Rainbow drinker. "My, those sure smell good!"

Loofy stopped his singing to answer, "Gee I hope so, they're for my Fairy godbrother!"

"Gee, might I partake of one good sir?" Tatsu- the rainbow drinker practically drooled over the cookies.

"Nope!" Loofy hid them behind his back. "It's hard enough just for me not to eat them!"

The rainbow drinker's hair drooped sadly. "Surely a small taste couldn't hurt!"

Loofy looked around at the very nice fishing spot, "I guess a small taste couldn't hurt!"

So they quickly devoured all the cookies. Which was actually just as well because Fairy god-brothers don't eat such things anyway.

Suddenly, Sora the Starling showed up and ninja chirped at them rapidly!

"What's that beautiful sound?" The Rainbow drinker inquired.

"It seems Hero-man is coming to save the day! And perhaps partake of our cookies!" Loofy explained the ninja bird-speak.

"Uh-oh! We ate them all!" the rainbow drinker frowned. "Well, I better get out of here before he gets mad."

Too late! Hero-man found them! "Wahahaha! I have arrived! AND I BROUGHT HERO BURGERS!" he announced loudly.

"YAY!" the three of them said at once as the Half-wolf, half-bat tried to sneak away. For everyone knew, Hero burgers could only be eaten by the most just of heart. And the rainbow drinker's was more rainbow leopard-printed from all the rainbows he drank.

"What's this?" Hero-man leered ominously. "Don't you want some too?" He revved up his chainsaw hand, for anyone who couldn't understand the justice of it had to be punished.

Before the Rainbow drinker could say anything incriminating, Fairy God-Brother appeared!

"Hey," he greeted them informally with a nod.

They all nodded back as is the fairy god-brother code.

"I made you some cookies, but they're all gone now," Loofy looked frazzled.

"It's cool man, thought that counts," he nodded back.

Meanwhile elsewhere!

The rainbow drinker was about to make a run for it when Fairy God-Bro gestured to the revved up chainsaw hand powered by awesome. "What's with the rage man?"

"Oh you know, the usual," Hero-man beamed.

Deadpan man, summoned by Sora the ninja starling gave them all his trademark Deadpan stare. "Why don't we all settle down and drink some cola?"

Everyone was amenable to this suggestion so they all settled down for the true taste of freedom and said their cheers to Loofy's birthday, in the hopes that one day he'd become to the King of the Lions. And also, the other friends were there so it got really loud and rowdy and they got kicked out of the forest. But they all learned a valuable lesson! That food makes everything better. And also tastes like freedom or rainbows. Or whatever your personal zen is.

The End!

[Marco will also put up some banners and cooked a bunch of Mad Cow meat on a bone for Luffy, because what's the moral without reality to back it up. Or something. Anyways, happy birthday bro.]

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