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JACK HYLAND ([personal profile] dewebbed) wrote in [community profile] discedo2012-04-21 01:09 pm

seventeen - voice/action, DISCEDO (backdated to early morning 21st)

[ When Jack woke up in the hospital Friday night, he tried to sleep it off.

Of course, you can't sleep up being brought back from the dead, but he was so delirious at the time he didn't know any better- for a second he thought he'd had a bad dream of some sort and his head hurt, so he just rolled over in the bed again. It wasn't until he woke up again some hours later that he felt fine enough to realize this was not the great outdoors.

So, if you feel like turning on your communicator at 2 in the morning, you'll be greeted with a deep shaky breath- more of a "brr" than anything, judging from the weather ]

...Hey, uh, is anybody who works at the hospital still here? I mean, not on the exploration thing. I think there might be some people who need help. [ he's actually the only one- he just hasn't realized it yet. ] Oh, if you're from the exploration...where are you? I'll come find you.

[ ooc: Anybody worried should be able to find him on the third floor of the hospital, room 310. Though he might walk around a bit ]

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