Sep. 28th, 2012

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[When the video feed clicks on of it's own accord, Ilyana can be seen in a clearing in the captain's park, staring at a massive plant monster. This staring contest seems to go on for a few minutes until it fires a seed at her, which Ilyana promptly ducks to avoid. That's when Ilyana pulls out a massive book with a lightning bolt on the cover.]


[To those of you who may have heard Leanne speak, this is the ancient tongue that Ilyana is speaking. As if out of nowhere, a massive storm cloud appears and rains lightning down from the heavens. The plant like monster is blasted with enough lightning to burn it to almost nothing but ash.]

I... I can't believe it... it worked? But... how? How did I get my powers back?

[The video feed shuts off at this point.

A few hours later, the device turns on again and Ilyana can be seen sorting through plants.]

If anyone needs potions or the like... I'm going to start making some now that I seem to have my powers back. If anyone has any herbs or other exotic materials they'd be willing to part with, I'm certain something good can come of it. Also... I'll accept payment in the form of food or enormous quantities of raw materials for my potions. I could also use paper, quills, ink, and wood... preferably carved into the form of a staff.

[Ilyana doubles over as if in pain before slumping over to lie on the ground for a few minutes]

But first... does anyone have any food they can spare me? ... Please?

(ooc: Feel free to talk to Ilyana during the first or second parts of the post. For those of you who prefer action posts, Ilyana is in discedo at the Captain's Park.)


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