Sep. 16th, 2012

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[You'd think she'd figure out when to hide the camera portion of this device by now. Marisa can be seen working on something in a clearing of the forest. There are a few orbs of light floating around, illuminating the area so she could see. She hadn't told anyone she'd be leaving the city, and was hoping they would not find out unless this worked. She'd spent long enough on this project and had gotten some sleep again before trying this. She's mumbling to herself and checking a few sheets of paper while she does so, trying to make sure everything was right before she got started.

She's at this for a few minutes before standing up and nodding at the ground. She walks over to the device and puts the papers down. There are runes and numbers on the papers that might look familiar but it's away from the camera too fast to make heads or tails of it. With that she moves back to whatever she was working on and steps carefully towards the center. She stops and concentrates, the outer circle around her glowing a bright white color. It slowly forms a barrier between herself and the outside of the circle. For a moment, nothing can be seen and then it turns translucent enough to somewhat see what she is doing.

She takes a moment to tap the barrier and nods before turning back around and to what she was focused on before. She starts to glow and chant softly, the inner part starting to react. At first there is a blob that glows a purplish blue hue before quickly changing to a deep endless black. It wobbles around a bit, starting to shape into what looks like to be a portal. She slowly stops chanting and watches. After a few minutes she speaks, sounding exhausted but surprised.

It...worked? Really? First try? Well that's a sho-


[Well...Whatever she was doing, that didn't work. Those papers she placed down and her hat go flying past the camera. Marisa flew backwards into the protective barrier hard. She slid down it and sat there for a moment, her face was hidden by black soot. She grimaces as she slowly stands up and dispels the protection ring. As she walks closer to the middle, there is a secondary explosion, sending her flying again. This time there is a cry of pain and a thud heard in the midst of the explosion before everything settles down. The video had been knocked askew as well. All that can be seen is the trees and grass scorched from both explosions.

There is pure silence. No sound of the witch speaking or moving, no monsters showing up. Just...Nothing. Not even the orbs of light going out. The video times out and shuts off. What just happened here...? What was she doing and by herself? You would think she would have figured out that this place does not like to be messed with.

((OOC- Marisa is out cold after that last explosion so she will not respond to her comm at all. Those orbs will stay functional for about a half an hour and then will go out, making it a bit easier to find her.))


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