Sep. 10th, 2012

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[If you're around Discedo, you might notice one very patriotic looking soldier running down the street at a rather fast speed. Well, fast for a human that is. He doesn't look like he'll stop anytime soon, so forgive his rudeness if he runs by without saying hi.

Anyway, everything seems to be working out for him. He even jumps a few times, crossing a rather large distance with each jump. Feeling a little more confident that his abilities have returned, Steve starts to run a little faster. However, this all ends when he sharply turns the corner. He begins to lose his balance and stumbles along the road before crashing through the front window of a convenience store.

Hopefully you weren't picking anything up there.]

Ow... [He sits up and looks around, feeling guilty about ruining another store. Perhaps he should have waited longer...]

[ooc: Steve recently had his chip removed and started to practice in the streets. However, because he is the most graceful super soldier that ever lived, he just ruined one of the windows.

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[Hello Discedo, live from an indoor home Gohl is this gothic lolita who might look familiar. See that crown on her head, it's real! See those tears coming down her eyes, those are real too. Perona continues to cry cause her life sucks at the moment and it's her third time being dropped in Discedo's paradise.]


You scientists are insensitive, rude, and this place is still ugly, and it stinks! [No powers again, sobsobsob.]

Take me back to that creepy castle now!

[End feeder.]


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