Sep. 9th, 2012

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[Aradia is sitting in Karkat's apartment, as cheerful as can be, wearing a colourful blue and purple polkadotted party hat ontop of her hood. You can tell it's Karkat's apartment because he's sitting behind her, bawling into his hands. His party hat is periwinkle and covered in an obscene amount of glitter, which is starting to collect around his head and shoulders as he weeps openly.

Clive is also there, his upper half sticking out from under the couch, a fashionable blue and red swirled party hat placed over his face. He doesn't appear to be moving at all.]

Hi! I'm Aradia, I just arrived here today, and it's very nice to meet you all! Karkat already gave me the basics of this place, about the city and the scientists and the chips, and about who else from the game is here—hi guys!—but I'm sure there are things he forgot, so if there's anything really important I should know I'd appreciate hearing it. I'd also love to meet everyone, so you're all invited to my corpse party!

[gesturing at Clive's unconscious body]

It's at... [pauses thoughtfully, then turns around to look at Karkat] Hey, where is this hivestem again?

[Karkat: still too busy crying to answer.]

Oh. Well, it's not a very tall hivestem, and it's next to the water! But I can go check outside if that's not specific enough.

Anyway, everyone is welcome and I have lots of hats!
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[The communicator flickers on to show a little little standing in the midst of a small group of saplings, letting out chirps and whistles. A pair of fluffy-looking white wings adorn her back, folding as much she could against her back. She blinks at the communicator before drawing it close to sniff at it. What? Just what was this strange thing? She goes to poke the screen with a finger but with no success at figuring out just what it was. Finally though, the little girl speaks but not in English or any other familiar language, nope what she speaks is Ancient Laguz.]

I think that I might be lost? Has anyone seen my mommy or daddy? My brothers and where is my forest?... My mommy, where is my mommy? I want my momma.

[ooc; final post for a while! This is Leanne's chip removal post! Permissions post is here! Please fill out whenever you want. Have fun dealing with a BB!Heron for a week!]


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