Sep. 3rd, 2012

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( the feed opens up to a rather tall looking kinda guy with blue and pink hair holding a plush cat. he is currently sitting on a bench somewhere and is looking rather bored. )

Excuse me but I'm looking for my brother, Panty Anarchy. Tall guy with blonde hair, trying to get into ladies pants. Ya know to be honest he has pretty low standards but in the end he kinda has to so ladies would want to sleep with him. After all he is kinda small if you know what I mean.

( he chuckles slightly and crosses his legs. )

Well I guess I should ask, I can kinda tell this isn't anywhere home. I mean come on this place is filthy and disgusting. Who even lives here? Not me. So where am I? And where's the cake? I'd kill for some Jean-Paul Heaven or Whity-White's special roll cake with tea. Oh! A Belgian chocolate fondant would be good too! Right Honekoneko?

( stocking looks down at his cat and plays with his tongue. )

Oh by the way my name is Stocking Anarchy. You know in case you find Panty, whoever may be watching this.


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