Sep. 2nd, 2012

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[The video feed clicks on as Ilyana is rushing to the body of her fallen friend.]

Leanne! Please, open your eyes! Please don't be dead! I... I promised I would protect you... please don't... don't

[Ilyana pulls out her physic staff, trying desperately to heal her... but she is beyond the point of saving, and the chip prevents her from using it regardless. At this point Ilyana is breaking down into tears.]

You can't die Leanne... you have your brothers and you were going to marry Naesala, and everyone loves you... please Leanne I...

[Ilyana whimpers while holding Leanne in her arms. There is a fatal wound through Leanne's chest, and her pure white wings are stained with her own blood.]

I... I'm sorry Leanne... I'm so sorry. I promised to protect you and I... [Ilyana gasps between tears] I've failed you... and everyone.

[Ilyana holds Leanne even closer to her trying to hold back the tidal wave of tears.] What... what good am I as a mage if I can't even use my magic... not even to protect the ones I love. Leanne I...

[Ilyana simply weeps as the video feed cuts out.]
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[The feed flips around for awhile as the person on the other side struggles to make it work, muttering strange-sounding curses under his breath, among other angry things.

Finally, he realizes he got it to work.]
Ah, wonderful. So that's how this tablet works, hmm? What a strange little thing, I can't even feel a trace of magic inside it. Whoever enchanted this scrying device must have been an incredibly weak sorcerer.

Now[And so the angry ranting begins.]

I don't know who you are or why you've brought me here, but you've picked both a poor time and a rude execution! Perhaps you've heard of my power, or perhaps you simply don't know what it is you're doing. Whatever the case may be, reverse it at once.

Do you have any idea what kind of power you're trifling with here?! I am not just any demon! No, I am more than a demon now, my power extends to the heavens themselves! I am the new God of this world! Tremble before me, you foolish mortals! Perhaps if your cowering amuses me, I will think to spare your sad, pitiful lives!

And while you're down there cowering, you can reverse this blasted spell you've put on me, or I'll curse the whole lot of you! I'll turn you all into tiny insects and crush you beneath my feet! So hurry it up, I'm getting impatient!


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