Aug. 8th, 2012

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[Guess who is about to be zapped for not using the communicator for a while? Marisa does not even jump when it shocks her, Just gives it a odd look. She shrugs for a moment and goes back to what she was doing for a moment. After a few moments of her working on something that is just off screen, she turns back to it.]

Still on? Well if you are going ta do this, might as well make use of it. Was goin' to wait a few more weeks ta start this but why not?

[She picks up the device and starts walking around the place. Nervous energy or frustration? Who knows. It does look like she hasn't slept for a while as well, her hair is pulled back into a ponytail with the ribbon that usually holds a braid and her hat is currently MIA. She finally sits down after a moment, in front of one window.]

I figure it's about time ta do something useful around here. I'm startin' up a Delivery Service. I'll go anywhere in Fortuna. I only know Discedo right now but that should change soon enough.

I'll have other things I'll do..but for now, It's only ta close friends and people I consider family. So right now, Don't ask.

[She pauses there for a moment, looking out the window before speaking again. To those who don't know the witch, It's a uncaring tone, just wanting information. To those who know her better, she almost sounds worried.]

Has anyone seen Yukari or Yuyuko lately? They've been quiet and Yukari bein' quiet never works out well.

[She shrugs a bit before flipping the device off, not even looking at it.]


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