Jul. 21st, 2012

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[ Had a good time exploring, adventurers? Hope you're not too unsettled by the voices in the mist of an abandoned town.

Once everyone is somewhere in the same proximity, a figure walks out of the fog. Oh, did I say walk? I meant comes running full tilt at everyone tripping over his own feet and shouting in surprise the second he sees actual living people.

He holds up his hands defensively and stammers out an explanation as quickly as possible:

W-wait, don't--! I'm the last one left! Y-you… you must be the ones they sent out the letters to, right? The ones brought in by Discedo's scientists? I can help you find your friends. I-I'll tell you what happened, at least all I know. We… there were scientists here too. Like yours, but not… there weren't things from other worlds here. Not until now, I suppose. They must've wanted to follow in Discedo's footsteps because the next thing I know there's all these… th-these creatures, like the ones found outside our walls that must've come from the experiments of Discedo's scientists. But… they got out of control. Everyone started disappearing--maybe to make way for other world people like you, who knows?--then they fled once the town was empty.

I-I think I can help you. Just don't hurt me?

[ He looks like he's about to bawl. Trust him or don't, that is your choice. But the best chance of finding your friends--or getting to the bottom of this mystery--is through following him.

ooc: To avoid cluttering with too many more logs, this will just be comment log style. Feel free to threadjack! This is basically a GET TO KNOW MR. PLOT DEVICE post; further exploration plot posts will come in the next few days.


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