Jul. 13th, 2012

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[The video turns on and it shows Marisa sitting at the edge of a building, reading over a letter. Her face is hidden by both her hat and her hair. The hand not holding the letter though, is shaking and the hand in clenched in a fist, The only indication something is wrong. She looks towards the device and her face is blank but her eyes show her anger.]

I don't know the deal with this but this only hurts you more than us.

You have Reimu. To tease us? To torment us? Just to piss us off? Fine.

[A smile crosses her face. To those who know her well, that is the smile she gets when she's about to spark you right in your face.]

You made a mistake.

[With that, the video cuts out]


Jul. 13th, 2012 02:15 pm
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... -There's a rustling of paper, and a voice begins to slowly read. She's obviously trying very hard to make out the words. Sometimes she messes up.-

"I hate doing this but I've run out of options, there's nothing left I can do. I've tried everything and am finally pressed against the wall. We need help, we need a lot of help and I had no one else to write. I know there's not much you could probably do, but anything might help, could help. I'm desperate at this point.

Ichinomiya Kantarou"


This is... this is a letter from my family... I know his handwriting anywhere...

I wanna help to. I know there's not enough time to get my chip out. But I gotta help. If he and Haruka are there... I gotta help them!
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[Good morning Fortuna.  Today you are greeted by a serious faced Conan.  Of course being him, the expression ends up being more adorable than intimidating.]


I've been thinking a lot about how this place works.  

The Watch does a good job helping people, but back home the police force did a lot more.  There was a department for solving crimes that I helped sometimes.  I talked to Mr. Kresnik, and he said that if we found enough interested people, we could try to start a group to do that kind of thing.

It's important, right?  If we could solve crime scenes as soon as possible, then that means we could stop bad people before they can hurt more people.  That's happened sometimes here.

So is there anyone here who has any experience with detective work?  We would need people who know about medicine and science too!


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