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[You have an extremely confused and rather large pirate, one of about ten feet tall on the screen. And guess what? He's nooot happy about it.]

Who the hell thought they could shrink me... [He mumbles a bit to himself and fiddles with the device.]

Someone better give me a damn good explanation of what the hell's going on here. I doubt I should be here at all. I'm Edward Newgate, if you need to... talk to me and whatnot. [After a bit more fiddling, he drops the comm and the feed ends.]

[Newgate can be found pretty much anywhere in Discedo, as he's wandering around quite a lot.]
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[ It takes him a while, but he figures out how to turn the feed on. He's been trying for hours, after all. It's high time he makes his debut. ]

Heh. Gotcha. [ The sharp bite of a laugh comes from the mouth of pointy teeth aimed at the camera, a pair of violet eyes creasing as they narrow. He pulls the device away from him a distance, holding it out so the viewers can get a good look at who they're dealing with. There's something laying dead behind him, a smear of red on his cheek. And he doesn't look amused, despite the dry smirk he's wearing. ]

Finally decided to work, huh? Guess I should really figure out where I am, I'm beat… [ Maybe walking around aimlessly was a bad idea. Now he's even more lost. ] Ahhh, those idiots definitely ditched me again. I rest for one second and gone… what am I chopped liver?

[ Out of habit he sucks on the straw of his water bottle, looking away a moment to think. ] I'm getting real tired of this game.


Jul. 9th, 2012 09:21 pm
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[Conan had been thinking these last few weeks.  A lot.  For over a year he had been trapped here, and he had reached the conclusion that he could not allow himself to merely exist here any longer.  Even one murder was too many.  But it had been clearly demostrated that the current Watch had no capability for investigation.  And he knew of no one else here who could change that.  With Gin's presence here, that needed to change.  And so he had begun to come up with a plan.  He reaches for his communicator.]

 [Locked 65% to Kresnik]

Ne, ne, you're still in charge of the Watch, right?  There's something I want to talk to you about.


[That done, Conan returns to the rest of the plan.  He had slipped into isolation these past few months.  With Gin here it had made sense.  The last thing he needed was to draw the assassin's attention.  But he refused to spend the rest of his time in this world always hiding away in fear.  There were investigations that needed to be done.  Situations to keep track of.  And so he opens the video function again.  This time with no filter at all.  And gives his brightest and most innocent smile.]

Hello!  It feels like its been a really long time since I used this.  Are there lots of new people here?

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[For those of you who may be at Marco's bar you might notice a piano in the corner that wasn't there a month or so ago, and a skeleton sitting at it. For those of you who aren't at Marco's Bar, you can see him on broadcasting it on the communicators.]


[He's currently playing an endless loop of this song as he speaks.]

Good evening everyone! This is Brooke here to liven up your nights with a little piano music, brought to you kindly by me, and the nice scientist man who was kind enough to give me a piano! Yohohoho! I was wondering, was anybody looking into making any requests, or perhaps commissioning me to write them a piece? I've been in the works for a while on a song for China and Stocking, and it's nearly complete! So my time slots for such things is opening back up again!

[He pauses and takes a swig of rum]

Hey Marco? Got anymore of this stuff? I suppose I'm okay with the cheap stuff too if you don't want to splurge on me. I know with your old man back, liquor is going to be a much rarer commodity.

[Brooke goes back to his lively playing, and looks back up at the communicator again.]

Lastly I'm doing a bit of a survey! Which is better? Women who wear panties? Women who wear boxers? Or women who go commando? This will be purely anonymous though, to protect the integrity of our wholesome young men and women! And if any young lady is feeling daring enough, to tell us what kind of undergarment they wear, that's fine too! Yohohoho!

This has been Brooke the Bard, goodnight ladies and gentlemen! Yohohoho!

[OOC: By the way, we have a bunch of cheaters in this poll :P I've gotten at least three votes boxers that aren't even in this comm. xD I'm watching you non-discedo peoples. I swear it's a Marco conspiracy!]

Poll #11089 Panties
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 19

Which is the best on a woman? Panties, Boxers, or going Commando?

9 (47.4%)

8 (42.1%)

7 (36.8%)


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