Jun. 28th, 2012


Jun. 28th, 2012 04:30 pm
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[A familiar zap can be heard with a small yelp before the communicator switches over to video to show Sai, or Heather as she came to be known in this world, laying down on the floor.... With four blades stabbed into the floor around her head and shoulders. Terry is slowly on her chest, quite unaware of the blades.]

I think that the scientists are getting more and more playful in delivering their gifts.

[She lets out a sigh and frowns.]

.... For those that may know him, Greece is no longer here.

.... Please tell me that Sakura-chan is still here....
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[The video shows moth-ridden sheets with a variety of stains in the background, but the foreground's barely more interesting than that: all it shows is Gin's white-gloved hand carrying tray of ball-shaped doughy snacks covered in sauce.]

... is this some sort of absurdly simple experiment or did someone simply feel compelled to make me takoyaki and break into my home to give it to me?

Can't say I'm fond of your stalkerish method of delivery, but I'd like to know who made it, even if it does look appetizing.

So. Don't be shy.


((Because if Gin received something like cartridges or something else useful, that'd just make things too easy for him. Instead, he receives a snack. :3))


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