Jun. 21st, 2012

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[Instead of the lovely River Song gracing the screen, there are two.. little mochi that look a lot like these people. The boy mochi is just kind of watching  and trailing after the little red-head girl mochi bounce around and exploring the room. She's even chattering at him in some language only they can understand and every little bit he'd respond. 

Eventually River walks in and pauses in her doorway with a towel around her neck. ]

Somehow I am not surprised you two found your way here. I bet he will simply love meeting both of you cute little things so come along Ponds, lets find the Doctor.

[She scoops up both of the mochi's just as the com clicks off.]
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[ The following post and all subsequent comments by [personal profile] spectavi are broadcasting up on your communicators. Characters may comment to this post, but it will not be seen on the broadcast, nor will the characters of [personal profile] spectavi receive the comments. Much like watching television. ]

Discedo: Channel 8 news, broadcasting live!.


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