Jun. 20th, 2012


Jun. 20th, 2012 10:19 am
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[ As soon as that feed starts it's the auditory element and not the visual one that's the real attention-grabber, camera pointed at an unhelpful angle for recording the scene. The unmistakable sound of a fist making impact can be heard, followed then by the much wetter noise of metal piercing flesh and an inhuman cry of pain. It's clearly the tail end of some fight or another, that's for certain.

Still, only a certain dour shinobi is caught in the footage and not his now suspiciously silent opponent, thanks to the aforementioned poor camera placement. He flicks blood from the knife in his hand with one quick motion of his wrist, glancing over as an afterthought. It's only then that he notices that he's being recorded at all, a "che" following before Sasuke's approaching the discarded communicator and kneeling down before it.

What a pain... [ That bloodied hand turns it off. ]


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