Jun. 19th, 2012

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[When the com turns on, the room is dark with random looming shapes all around. Somewhere there's a soft glowing light which quickly reveals itself to be Washu working on her computer. There are several screens floating around her with various technical designs displayed.

Before anything else can come on screen, its covered with brown fur quickly followed by the sound of something clattering near by. When the fur moves, Washu is turned towards the camera. She's silent for a few moments as she observes the device recording before turning away.]

Ryo-Ohki, shut that thing off. I'm working.


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[Hello Discedo, this is an important message by that one lieutenant that went kid and hungry for rappigs!

Except, well not.

There's a mochi on the screen: a cute little girl one with light brown hair and a bit of it in a ponytail to the side. Some might know who she's supposed to be but that's not important right now. She jumps on screen in a way to say hello to everyone in the cities and be a happy little blob. Except there's another one poking around like it's stalking...

Anyone can tell who this one is supposed to be with the blue hair tuffs and sharp teeth. Which means not good for the little girl mochi.

So the next thing the camera records is the lurker one launching itself and nomming on the girl one. And like any other person/mochi, she screams and starts crying.]

What is going on over there?!

[Oops, there's Enil's voice and she sounds a little miffed. The biting mochi suddenly lets go as the soldier grabs him and stares for a moment before proceeding to drop kick the bugger.]

I don't know how you got here but touching Yulie is off limits.

[And she picks up Yulie Mochi and goes off screen, only to have another little one pop up on camera: a Gin one. He simply stares and bounces on the communicator(he believes it's killing it) until it shuts off.]


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